How to Wake Up A Newborn Baby To Breastfeed

Parenting for new parents can be a little challenging, and you may face situations where you will be unsure of things to do. How to wake up a newborn baby to breastfeed is one such challenge. Should you wake the infant to feed? Or should you let the baby sleep? 

Well, if you are parenting your first child and are struggling with a similar dilemma, this article will help you to solve your queries. 

Products To Help Breastfeeding Your Newborn Baby

A breastfeeding newborn must eat after every two-three hours. When you breastfeed your newborn baby more often, your baby will receive sufficient breast milk, and your body will also stimulate the healthy supply of breast milk.

However, this does not indicate to make a breastfeeding schedule for your infant.Breastfed your infant on demand but, if the baby sleeps for more than four hours, then you should wake him/her up for feeding.

So, here are some products that will make the breastfeeding process easy.

1. Silicone Manual Breast Pump 90ml/4oz Food Grade

Silicone Manual Breast Pump 90ml4oz Food Grade Silicone Milk Catcher for Nursing Moms Collect & Cherish Breast Milk for Newborn Enjoy Breastfeeding Journey (Green)

You may have questions like how to wake up a newborn baby for feeding?

All those busy mothers out there can now enjoy breastfeeding your little ones by waking them up with this manual breast pump. The use of supreme quality food-grade material for developing this manual breast pump is exceptionally healthy throughout the nursing phase. This top-quality silicone is perfect for both the mommas and their newborns. 

These manual breastfeeding pumps are extremely soft and flexible without any sharp areas.Most importantly, there includes no toxic substance like PVC, BPA, etc.

The brand Beessentials offers this must-have breastfeeding product that allows your hands to do other stuff during the breastfeeding process. It comes with a strong suction that helps in pumping breast milk. Moreover, this product is so handy that you could collect your breast milk with the pump from one side of the breast and simultaneously breastfeed your infant from the other breast.

Again, for your convenience, it has a PP cap and a silicone cork to avoid accidental spillage. You also get a pretty carry bag to store all the nursing products inside it and carry on your outing with the baby.

For healthy use, clean the Bessentials manual breast pump before using it, put it inside the breastandretain the nipple in the center. Thensqueeze the attached bottle to produce suction for flowing breast milk into the breast pump. Go on repeating thisuntil you get a decent amount of breastmilk.

  • Use of superior quality silicone material
  • Absence of toxic materials like PVC, phthalate
  • Flexible and soft breast pumps
  • No discomfort at the time of pumping
  • Portable manual breast pump
  • Collect and preserve breast milk
  • The PP cap ensures no spillage.
  • It may turn yellowish if you do not clean properly after a few use.
  • Washing with a soft brush is more suitable than the dishwasher

2. Maymom 3rd Gen Thread Changer or Bottle

Maymom Pump kit Compatible with Medela Pump in Style Advanced; Replacement to Medela Pump Parts

Maymom is a brand that develops new nursing products to meet the unique needs of the mommies. It has a tall structure to fit into the older and current Spectra flanges and give a tight seal.

Its in-built design prevents leakage while the mother tries to bent forward at the time of pumping. The bottle converter and the slip-resistant O-ring also minimizes the chances of unscrewing the bottle and does nothinder the duckbill.

To maintain transparency, the brand offers its test reports online for reference. Besides, it provides a connection by bridging the gap between Spectra 1, Avent, Spectra S2 flange, and other standard bottles like ameda and medela bottles and even the original bottles by Dr. Brown. However, it cannot adjust with the wide-mouth bottles byDr. Brown.

Moreover, it is BPA-free and safe for cleaning in the dishwasher. Thus, this is a must-have nursing product as breastfeeding helps to provide more nutrients to the baby.

  • Adaptable to both the older Spectra and newer flange
  • Comes with an anti-slip O-ring
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free
  • It is adjustable with only a narrow-mouth Dr.Brown bottle

3. Portable Electric Breast Pump

Portable Electric Breast Pump - YIHUNION Dual Use Battery Baby Milk Pump Rechargeable Single Breastfeeding Pump

Next, we bring you the super convenient Portable Electric Breast pump from the brand of Yihunion. 

It is unique in comparison to otherbreast pumps.Yes, the 2-in-1 feature of this electric breast pump offers the nursing mothers more choices to conveniently use them.

Firstly, it is a BPA-free product and a superior food-grade breastfeeding bottle. Hence, it is completely safe and hygienic for feeding your baby.

Since this is an electric breastfeeding pump, it has a powerful battery of 900 mAh, and you can use it six times after charging once. Also, the USBrechargeablefeature allows you to charge anywhere on the go easily.

Again, the minimal noise that is 48 dB, which will not hamper your infant’s sleeping time. With this pump, you will not get to hear even an annoying beep.

This electric breastfeeding pump comes with eight levels of massaging mode to help the mommies generate an adequate breast milk flow.Moreover, for switching the milking mode, you just need to press the M button and hold it for the next three seconds.

  • Produces only 48 dB
  • Dishwasher safe
  • You can use up to six times with a single charge.
  • BPA-free food-grade material
  • The anti-backflow setup maximizes the performance of the pump.
  • Convenient to operate with a single hand
  • Flexible pumping and massaging levels
  • The USB charging allows charging this electric pump anywhere, including power bank, computer, and laptop.
  • If you keep this product unused for a longer time, it can damage the battery

4. Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles for Baby

Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles for Baby, 5 Ounces, 3 count

From the brand of Lansinoh, we bring you their breastfeeding bottle that can help you to solve your parenting confusions like how to wake a sleeping newborn baby to breastfeed?

Well, thisbreastfeeding babybottlehas special designs likethe natural wave nipple for lowering nipple confusion.Lansinoh breastfeeding baby bottles come with the natural wave nipple feature that stimulates your newborn in similar sucking actions like the breast itself.

Hence, this enables a steady flow of milk from the breast to the baby bottle. Lansinoh baby bottle comes with an ergonomic design that promotes the regular oral advancement of your infant.Also, it possesses anAir Ventilation System (AVS)to reduce gas intake.

Besides, theyare both free of BPA and BPS. It is adjustable withthe Lansinoh Signature Pro double electric breast pump, the Lansinoh Smartpump double electric breast pump, the Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bottles, and the Lansinoh manual pump. 

  • NaturalWave Nipple feature
  • Air Ventilation System (AVS) helps to reduce gas intake.
  • It has a soft and flexible nipple to maintain the normal sucking motion learned from the breast.
  • Comes with a protective cap to prevent leakage
  • Dishwasher safe
  • You need to transfer to store the breast milk, which may cause spillage

5. Nanobebe Breastmilk Baby Bottles

nanobebe Breastmilk Baby Bottles for Breastfed Babies, Breastfeeding Newborn Breast Like, Anti Colic, Easy Latch, Preserves Breast Milk nutrients 3pk (Award Winning Innovation), Teal

Last but not least, we have the Nanobebe baby bottle that is ideal for enhancing the bottle feeding process.This 3-in-1 bottle is a complete feeding solution as it can pump the breast milk, store it, and then warm it for feeding your baby.

The super convenient design allows you to lock all the nutrients while you store them.Besides, it is great for faster warming of breast milk compared to the other standard bottles.

Like other products in this list, it is also BPA-free and phthalate-free.

Moreover, you can quickly stack up the bottles to fit in a compact space.


  • Comes in a concave shape that allows warming the breast milk quickly
  • Protects the nutrients
  • Offers slow flow
  • Minimizes the growth of bacterial properties
  • Soft breast-likesqueezable silicone to make an easy transition from breast to bottle
  • You need to hold the bottle for feeding your baby.

Buying Guide

Whether you are busy with housework or returning to office workyou need to continue breastfeeding your baby. Here is the buying guide for essential products that you will need for breastfeeding your baby. 

BPA free Products

The breast pump bottles, whether manual or electric, must be free from toxic materials. To save time and ensure safety, check out the BPA free or No BPA labels on the packaging.

Plastic bottles without the presence of BPA are more potent and safer to store your breast milk than any plastic milk storing bags. These plastic milk storing bags have a higher chance of contamination.

Breast Pump

Recently, you get insurance coverage on breast pumps. But, we would like to suggest you do your analysis on the product and its accessories before buying one. Check out the policies well and chalk out what it covers and whatnot.

Anti-Colic with Air Venting System

We recommend you to go for breastfeeding bottles that have an anti-colic feature with the air venting system. It will help you to reduce the gas intake and make the flow of breast milk smooth.

Anti-leak and Slip-resistant

Well, yes, this is one crucial thing that you cannot give a miss. We know that you would never want to see your breast milk spill out because of bottle leakage. So, remember to check this feature before ordering the nursing product.


  1. How to wake up a newborn baby to breastfeed?

    If you are facing a challenge in waking up your newborn baby from sleep to breastfeeding, then you can use these easy ways.
    ●      Undress Your Infant
    One of the most common ways for waking up your baby is by unhurriedly removing his/her clothes.Gentle motions that occur during the time of clothes removal can help to awaken your little one. 
    ●      Mild Massage
    You can wake your little nones slowly with a gentle massage on their arms and feet.
    ●      Lift your Newborn
    Lift your newborn baby in the upright posture to wake him/her up for breastfeeding

  2. Why do Babies feel too Sleepy at the time of feeding?

    Does your baby feel too sleepy while feeding and not wake up naturally when hungry?There can be many reasons behind this.
    Your newborn baby is not aware of the right time and patterns. You may also see that your baby sleeps more in the daytime than nighttime. There is nothing to worry about in this case, as it will take some time for your baby to adjust to the right pattern.
    The following reason can be that they feel safe and comfortable when you hold them during breastfeeding. 

  3. Should I wake my newborn to feed at night?

    Well, research studies say that newborn babies must get fourteen to seventeen hours of sound sleep every day.Some may even sleep for almost nineteen hours daily.
    Talking about night feeding, the newborn babies wake up after every two hours with hunger. So, after the wake up breastfeed the newborn baby after every two to three hours.In the case of bottle-fed infants, feed after every three to four hours.
    If your baby sleeps for a longer time, then wake him/her up to feed. It is better to wake your newborn after every three to four hours to provide until your baby gains good body weight. The weight gain is visible within the first few weeks. After that, you can let your newborn sleep for a longer stretch at night.


We know how to wake up a newborn baby to breastfeed is a big question for all the mommies. With this article, you get a list of comfortable breastfeeding products and a useful buying guide.

Also, there are answers regarding the questions that make the rounds about the ideal ways of waking up newborn babies to feed them.

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