Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Diaper bags For Twins

It can be a task in itself to travel with twins and look after the diapering needs for a prolonged period. But when you plan to do it, carry a diaper bag to supply all the necessities conveniently.

Diaper bags for twins require lots of space to accommodate baby stuff like wipes, diapers, diaper rash ointment, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, clean clothes, and snacks to carry.

Well, you don’t need to carry a substantial not so appealing bag to travel with twin babies supplies.

Choosing the best diaper bags for twins


Look for a neutral color bag with suitable latches. The neutral color looks classy and sophisticated. Choose a bag that consists of suitable latches like a zipper, velcro, clasps, etc.

Every latch has a different function.

  • Zipper: Zipper is a convenient tool to open and close the diaper bag. Check the zipper by quickly opening and closing again and again for a minute or two. If the zipper gets stuck repeatedly in the diaper bag’s fabric, then look for another one. You might not want to face an awkward situation where you want to take out an emergency poop gear, but the zipper gets stuck in the fabric. Isn’t it?
  • Clasp: Magnetic clasps are the best friends of designer bags. High-end designer bags had magnetic clasps that once closed. It can hide from our sights. Unlike zippers, the magnetic clasps won’t hinder the looks and stick in the twins’ diaper bags’ fabric.
  • Straps and Clips: Straps are useful to adjust the size according to the need to secure when your diaper bag is bulging out with products. Also, clips are simple to open. But they are difficult to close if compared with other latches available in the stores.
  • Velcro: Velcros are extremely easy to unlock. But they are noisy and can awake your sleeping babies. Moreover, it is so easy to open that it can open automatically.
  • Drawstrings: Just like velcro, it is also easy to open and close. But this type of latch is not suitable for outer closure as it can open on its own.

We would recommend you choose latches like a zipper on the outer compartment and velcro of drawstring in the inside compartments of your twin baby diaper bag.


Carrying twins’ essentials is not an easy task. You need a lot of stuff to take, and hence you can choose a diaper bag with many compartments. Many diaper bags come with internal segments.

Compartments allow organizing all the baby stuff rather than just dumping in a large bag. This will help you to fit in enough essential items for your lovely twins. So, it is now easier to find the specific baby gear without digging through a heap of baby products just to get the baby rash ointment at the bottom.

This type of well-equipped segmented large diaper bags is best for Moms and Dads who want to store twins’ essential items for a full day out.

Now there is a crucial tip to select the best diaper bags for twins. It is about the availability of the numbers of pockets and the user numbers of pockets. Many manufacturing companies will try to attract you by advertising a massive number of compartments.

However, when you use it actually, you may notice that some of the compartments may overlap with one another, making them hold less than you thought or unusable. 

Item specific compartments

Item specific compartments are increasingly taking the popular space to store particular items with sort things without creating a mess.

From next time, do not fall for the market gimmick and double-check before choosing the best diaper bag for twins.

  • Insulated Compartment: Check out the insulated compartment in the diaper bag to regulate the water bottle’s temperature or coffee. The pocket should have a line layered with aluminum to prevent the temperature from fleeing.
  • Baby Wipes Compartment: This is quite helpful to manage twins who always remain sticky. A baby wipe compartment will allow you to fetch a wipe without juggling through the bag quickly.
  • Toy Hooks: Toy hooks come handy to keep your twins pacifiers or favorite toys close so that you can hand over whenever they start crying. 


Choose a diaper bag having a more expansive opening. Having a wider opening will help you view and reach out for the specific baby gear in case of a poop emergency.

Not only that, but an expansive opening will also allow you to retrieve the baby wipes and rash ointment without even taking the bag off. You can steadily pull in and out baby stuff from the large diaper bags for twins with practice.


The size of the twins’ diaper bag must be more extensive. But how much larger? Well, it depends on personal situations. 

You can make a list of your twin baby gears and also of your products. We are here to aid you in making a checklist as well.

Baby Gears

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Rash ointment
  • Bags for used pads
  • Clean clothes
  • Water-resistant bag for worn clothes
  • Nursing covers
  • Burp cloths
  • Hats
  • Sunscreen
  • Baby bottles
  • Pacifier
  • Toys

Mom/Dad Essentials

  • Phone
  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Snacks
  • Hat
  • Water bottle
  • Headphones
  • Makeup

Now, you can make an idea as to how much space you require. Remember, twin babies in diapers always need larger size bags. So choose wisely.


Do not buy a diaper bag to make a fashion statement. The diaper bag is your savior. So, do not overlook the material of the diaper bags to figure out its sturdiness and durability. We recommend you to choose a coarse fabric as they are durable.

Additionally, it is better to go for waterproof material. You can make use of it during rainy days and relieve the tension of stains and soggy items.

Next is the breathability of diaper bag material. Yes, you cannot overlook this as there is a hell lot of chance for your diaper bag to release the smell.

Ideally, you may look for bags that can store the smell inside, for you need to carry baby gears like milk bottles, used clothes, soiled cloth diapers, and whatnot. 

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6.Interior Color

Yes, the interior color of the diaper bags matters. When having twins, you need to carry essentials keeping in mind each of their preferences in terms of toys, clothes, hats, etc. The lighter the interior lining of the diaper bag, the easier to find out any gears.

7.Built-in Diaper Changing Pad

The primary purpose of buying a diaper bag is to have a comfortable changing gear whenever your twins poop. The diaper bags come with a built-in diaper changing pad. You can transform this changing pad into a portable changing station whenever poopy comes out. It helps to make your twins feel comfortable while they go poopy.

However, they are heavy and take a lot of space inside the diaper bag.


Yes, we cannot ignore the price, whether we like it or not. Diaper bags have a vast pricing range. So let’s check what you can expect at what price.

  • Low-range diaper bags: Diaper bags at a lower price are not very useful for twin babies’ travel. Usually, it compromises the size, durability, and quality of the bag to lower the costing of diaper bags as much as possible.
  • Mid ranged Diaper bags: Diaper bags priced in mid-ranged offers a good deal for its quality and size. If you want a quality and spacious bag, then pay some extra bucks to travel comfortably with your twin babies and their gears.
  • High-End Diaper bags: A mid-ranged diaper bag can go a long way. However, the functionality of high-end diaper bags can remain the same as a mid-ranged diaper bag.

But if you have a fetish for designer diaper bags, then welcome to the territory. If you have a high budget, you can get designer bags, and of course, they are pretty attractive and fashionable.

9.Weight of the Diaper bag

We often overlook the actual weight of diaper bags while buying. A few empty diaper bags can have 3 pounds of weight.

Do you know what it means? If you buy a diaper bag which weighs heavy when it is empty, visualize the heavyweight you have to carry when you fill it with the essentials.

Restrain from choosing a bag with heavy metal designs or features that are not needed. Moreover, if you are undergoing medical treatment, then pay special attention to avoid worsening your condition.

11.Stroller Clips

Stroller clips are convenient to grab your twins’ gears quickly. Go for a light-weight stroller clip to roam around with ease.


Whatever diaper bag you choose, make comfort one of the top priorities. If you carry a bulky bag that you cannot manage, your travel can be hard.

Nobody wants to choose an uncomfortable diaper bag. Choosing the best diaper bags for twins not only depends on the size, weight, and straps of the bag, but also your body type and your preferences.


Like the way we give a trial before buying clothes, in the same way, go to a store physically and try out various styles until you get the best diaper bag for your twins. Once you have found that, you can buy there only or order online.

Try to look upon these factors before you finally buy a diaper bag.

Best diaper bags for twins

There are hundreds of twins diaper bags with variant styles and sizes. Here are some possible style options you can choose from while buying a twins diaper bag.

Tote Diaper Bag

A tote diaper bag is a simple bag usually square or rectangle in shape with a long handle to hang on the shoulder. It is more like a big sister of handbags. 

It can substitute as a work bag. Again, they have compartments to organize things when traveling, but these compartments are lesser than dedicated diaper bags. Usually, tote diaper bags come with a magnetic clasp, which is not convenient for the heavily packed bag.

Sling Diaper Bag

Sling bags are comparatively smaller in size. They come with a single strap instead of two that you can wear crossing the body or carry on one shoulder.

Sling diaper bags are not ideal diaper bags for twins. But if you have a plan to travel with your twins for a few hours, then you can ditch a heavy diaper bag and use it instead.

Messenger Diaper Bag

The messenger bag is another option you can look at if you plan to get a diaper bag. Generally, we wear messenger bags on the left buttock, and the strap goes across the body.

The messenger diaper bag comes with several compartments to keep things a little more in place. But if you have back pain or muscle stiffness, then avoid choosing a messenger diaper bag. 

Besides, you might not be able to fill in all the essential gears inside a messenger bag as they are smaller than a backpack. So, there is no question of whether it fits in twins’ gears for a full day out.

Backpack Diaper Bag

The most convenient diaper bag is a backpack. The backpack is ideal for every parent, including those who have back pain or undergoing medical treatment. 

The backpack does not put weight on a single side and balances nicely on both the shoulders. Furthermore, it is large enough to accommodate all the twins’ gears and parent’s products. This is why it is so popular among parents when they are traveling with their little twins.

Personalized Diaper Bags

Many designer nursery labels offer personalization in the diaper bags. You can customize your initials or twins’ name or even any patchwork to make the diaper bag look personalized.

Other than that, these diaper bags have the same features as compartments, stroller clips, latches and are easy to access.

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