Things You Have to Know Before Having a Baby

Raising a baby is a new journey of raising life and full of surprises. You have gone through several guides and instructions by people and doctors to make yourself prepare for a baby. As a parent, you think that it is your responsibility to make this beautiful life bloom. Babies do not come up with instructions; it is your responsibility to guide your child with love and proper education. 

As you go through lots of instruction, nothing can prepare you as a first-time parent. It is one of the magical, exciting, too exhausting, and a completely new journey of your life. Here is some advice that can support you with the trip to becoming a parent. 

Breastfeeding Can Be Tough

Breastfeeding is not that easy, and it is not always straightforward. However, it takes time, but if you prepare yourself for your child, you can go on in time. You can start for your kid if you want to do it and arm yourself with the correct details. Sometimes, it can take days to produce milk, it can be painful, and it can give you fatigue when it goes on. 

Most of the breastfeeding problems can be solvable if you reach outright help. Please consult with your doctor or try to talk to your friends that are successfully breastfeeding their child. Get every support you need to breastfeed your kid successfully.      

The First Few Months Are Pure Torture

The first few months of your newborn baby needs to be adjusted to the outside world gradually. Sometimes, newborn babies’ cries are unpredictable, and those breastfeeding moments are painful and can make them exhausted if you can at least go through the first three to four months without losing your mind. Then you are like a superhero; you can survive anything. 

Your newborn baby will start to accept the life out of the womb, and you will so through hormonal and physical changes while recovering from childbirth. Children will begin to simulate with the outside world, learn and express their needs. Some child learns it faster while others need time. You need to understand your child’s language and fulfill their demand. 

Please manage your emotions and mental health. Get rest, eat healthily, and drink well. You will likely use yourself with your child’s life schedule as a new mother, but you should take care of yourself. Always remember a happy parent makes a happy child.   

You Will Lose and Sorely Miss Sleep

In the newborn child and toddler, you will face the problem of having the right stage amount of sleep. In the middle of the night, your child will start crying, and you will spend your night time with your kid. 

You will find that sleeping is a luxurious thing you can get. The best advice I can suggest you should sleep when the baby is sleeping. You can do the cleaning, laundry, or even cooking when you get time. Just sleep with your baby, or you will feel exhausted if you stay awake all the time. If you think of continuous fatigue, then you will also start crying with your kid. So, change your plans according to your situation. 

Get All the Support You Can Get

Some say that it takes a lot of effort to bring up a baby, and they are accurate. Get all the help you will need to raise your child. Ask help from your parents, family, and friends, even if it just for an hour or two. So, you can get a shower and eat without any rush. If you can get help with the chores and cook, then take it and not refuse the service.

Share responsibility with your partner equally; do not overdo yourself everything. Do not worry about the mess, and meals are not altogether; it is okay to be not okay. You are not a super parent to do everything correctly. As your baby grows up, you and your partner will be able to solve these problems eventually. For now, go with the flow without getting exhausted over little things. Look for other new parents at playgroup, parenting support community, breastfeeding cafes, and even online. It is best to get help, support, advice, and instruction to go through all the parenting problems.          

Babies are Stronger Than You Know

Some accidents like minor falls, hits, and bumps are common failures that a baby can have, but most do not harm. Babies are an explorer by their nature because everything they see is new to them. They want to try everything, but sometimes they fail to do so. But luckily, babies have flexible bones, and what may cause serious injury to adults will often do not have that much harm to a baby. Many parents help and teach their babies to crawl, sit, and walk. Please let nature do their own thing because they achieve their goal in time. Leaving them to do this helps them to build their muscle and bone formation.    

Other than those accidents and falls, there are so many parents get worried about their kid. For example, “Is my baby having enough milk?”, “Are my child’s development going, right?” ” Why is he crying?” ”Is she getting enough sleep?” It is never-ending confusion and question you will face and concern that they might be doing it wrong. It takes time to understand baby signs that need practice and observation. Try not to get in their way too much. They are intelligent; let them grow beautifully. 

You Do Not Need a Lot of Baby Materials

Babies do not need lots of things, just lots of nappies, pampers, few baby suits, a few blankets, and then you are ready to go. You must be thinking about expensive toys like car seats, playpens, play mats, swings, strollers, bouncy chairs, etc. but you do not even need half of these things. All your baby wants is your love and attention towards them. Parents think that your baby needs all of these playing gadgets and stuff most of the first time. But you should check the recommendations and believe that if your child needs that. You can save that cash for the future of your child instead. 

Parents fear that their babies will get bored, and they need continuous stimulation to evolve their brain cells. But the truth is new babies sleep, cry for the food, and then again fall asleep. Everything is entertaining for your kid. If you tend to give them something expensive toy, they will discard them quickly.  Similar to baby clothes. Everyone loves to gift adorable newborn outfits, but kids grow up so fast that you cannot even try those outfits or are rarely ever worn. Of course, you need a lot of clothes because your newborn gets dirty a lot. But buy comfortable and affordable clothes that can last two weeks of laundry.    

Capture Their Childhood

In the first few years of having a baby, you want to take lots of pictures and videos of your baby. But sadly, this number of photos falls off when your baby gets older. You want to have every shot of your rapidly growing child. Babies grow up so quickly as time passes. When you go through those pictures and videos, you will be like, “Oh my, that moment, and I almost forgot that!” You will be too tired to remember everything. But if you capture those moments in pictures or videos, you will go through those fantastic memories.

When you capture those photos and videos, you should organize them and develop a habit of it. Otherwise, there will be a mess, and it will be hard to go through thousands of pictures and videos. The most important thing is you should backup all the files both locally and offsite. You do not want to lose those precious memories with your child. These are the memories you can never recreate, so always back up your files.    

You will Gain New Skill

Having a baby will teach you so much about life ups and downs. A baby finds happiness in little and even in the simplest things. Children will lead you to love unconditionally, forgiveness, patience, honesty, carefree, perseverance, to be giving, trust your instincts, and many other things. You will develop into a completely different person; you will no longer be old you. 

You will become more flexible around your baby because you do not want your baby to fall from the bed or get hurt. You will forget basic things that need to settle, but you will not forget about every rhyme and story. You will learn to have your meals or do other works faster or single-handed. You will become an expert in understanding baby signs and language. Also, you will learn to get some sleep or a quick nap anywhere at any time.    

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How will Parenting Will Work with My partner?

Parenting with a loving partner who is very supportive and loves to share their responsibilities is the best. Creating a lovely family with your partner is the best thing you can do. It will bring you both closer and love each other more. But most people think that having a child is a test of how most robust your relationship is. Sometimes these types of stress are so much that some relationships may not even last. 

Your relationship with your partner will change once you have a baby. Parenting together takes lots of good communication, understanding, and commitments to go through the hard times. If you are thinking about getting a child with your partner, you may think about these questions, 

  • Is your relationship strong enough to give your child a lovely and comfortable home?
  • Do the two of you agree on having a child?
  • Will you both communicate and stay honest with each other?
  • Are you both going to share the financial responsibilities?
  • Are you two going to help each other in caring for the baby?
  • Do the two of you trust in child care or daycare?
  • Will you two be able to accept all those challenges that come with pregnancy and raising a child?
  • If your relationship ends, how will you two continue parenting your child?

Going with these questions together will help you find out if both of you have similar expectations about having a child. You both need to have teamwork, patience, understanding, compromise, love, and commitment to raising a successful child together.

How Do I parent Without a Partner? 

Some people take parenting for themselves and do not like it when people try to point out their wrongdoings. They often prefer being single parents, which is possible, but a partner can help with many tasks. However, many single parents raise their children in their ways. Parents teach their children about principles, beliefs, and values on their own. Many of those single parents are very happy and healthy.

But for the majority of people raising a child alone is challenging. They cannot handle and give their 100% attention to the child. Single parents often struggle with their romantic relationships because they cannot provide enough time. 

Before you become a single parent, you must have an answer to all of these questions,

  • Will your family, friends, and community support you enough to be a single parent?
  • Will your dreams and plans be fulfilled even if you decide to be a single parent? 
  • Can you have the whole financial and caring responsibility by yourself?
  • Can you care for your child regularly enough?
  • Will you be able to afford child care when you have to go to work?
  • Do you have someone who will take care of your child when you are sick?
  • Are you going to be okay without any romantic relationship because of your child?

Be very realistic when answering these questions before making that big step in your life. Even if you do so, at specific points, you might need assistance from government programs. But these government programs will only focus on what you should give your child.

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