How To Play With 5 Months Old Baby

We know that playing with your five months old baby gives immense joy. Your baby expresses their emotions like happiness, pleasure, or sadness. This is the time when the question “how to play with a 5 months old baby” arises? Remember playing is a medium of teaching your baby the necessary skills. So, it would help if you incorporated toys and games that can accelerate their development process.

Play-way learning always chooses V-A-K-T visual-auditory-kinesthetic-tactile techniques. It is because it will stimulate your child’s senses and help them understand better and faster. Not only that, it will broaden the creative aspect and help in getting a tick in the age-appropriate milestones list.

Here are a few fun games, toy suggestions, and tips that you can indulge in your baby’s play routine.

How to play with 5 months old baby

This is the time when you want to spend most of your time with the baby and play along. You can take a ball and roll it towards your baby to strengthen his/her muscles and improve grasping.

Social Games

Engage in recreational activities that develop social skills such as peek-a-boo. This popular game can bring on laughter, coos, and giggles on your baby’s cheeks. You can also mix up some creative inputs in these games. Take your baby’s favorite toy, and hide it with a towel. Then ask your baby to search for the toy. Guide him/her to find the toy and prompt them to pull the towel when introducing the game to the baby. If your baby follows all the steps or at least a few steps, reinforce them with praises.

Bubble Play

Bubbles are an excellent way to capture the babies’ attention, whether they are hyper-active or quiet. During the playtime, enjoy blowing the bubbles with your little ones and see how excited they go seeing the bubbles floating and then bursting.

Lights Inside The Box

In this game, switch-on all the flashlights, keep them inside the box, and tightly close the lid. Then switch them off and keep them in front of your baby. As the surrounding is dark, the baby will concentrate on the lightbox. 

Slide this box and support your baby to explore individually further. This game will boost their vision at night time.

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Top 5 Toys For Your Babies

Choosing the right toy to engage in both fun and learning experiences for your baby is challenging. So, to ease the process, here are the best baby toys that you can include in the playtime-

1-Stage-Based Developmental Activity Gym

The Play Gym by Lovevery is an expert design that helps to enhance your little one’s brain. These activity gym products are essentials in the early developmental stage of your baby. At the age of five months, the infant needs toys, which help them in sensory stimulation by touching and seeing things while playing. At the same time, it nurtures the visual, motor, and cognitive skills in the newborns to the toddlers.

The Play Gym set has all the things you can need starting from batting, teething to even focusing. It comes with wooden legs to provide stability and a playmat that is easy to wash in the machine. Plus, it takes only two minutes to set up the play gym and take it down.

The play gym is a manufacturing of water-based and non-toxic finishing. Hence, it is safe for mouthing.

Let your baby gain the experience of learning playfully all through their first year.

Talking about The Play Gym package, it includes an oversized large play mat, five developmental zones. This allows preventing excessive stimulation and emphasizing focus learning, sounding making, tactile sensation, hiding and seeking, and coloring recognition.

With this, you get the attached organic accessories, which are separable, for letting your baby learn to mouth, grasp, and play pass. Make this cozy set up and give your infant a learning experience through the play-way method.

  • Wooden legs make it a sustainable product.
  • It takes two minutes to set up the play gym.
  • Helps in developing gross motor, educational skills, and sensory stimulation.
  • The teether is of silicone and BPA free and phthalates.
  • The playmat comes with five developmental zones to promote early developmental skills.
  • The prints of learning cards are of soy ink.
  • It is an expensive product set.

2-Newborn Baby Playmat Baby Girl Boy Gifts Toys

The Baby Gym Baby Play Mat is a versatile play mat for all those infants aging from 0-12 months. The baby gym play mat includes an excellent kick-activated piano having lights and music. Along with this, it has five position changeable rattle and teething toys and one detachable toy arch. These five cute rattles captivate the notice of your baby, and they try to grab them and shake. 

The soft lights and joyful nursery music motivates your little ones to kick them repeatedly. Moreover, it encourages babies to develop the muscles and improves fine and gross motor skills. There are lots of perks in choosing this toy. It ensures the development of eye-hand coordination, kicking, fine, and gross motor skills. Hence, this set gives enough scope of exercises for a 5 months old baby. 

Also, the musical experience further helps to speed up brain development. Plus, it gives scope to the mothers for enjoying a relaxing time.

The toy arch is strong and durable, and the rattle and teething play toys are also of food-grade rattle that makes it a safe playing toy for the baby. Gift this on birthday, Children’s Day, Christmas, or simply to educate the infant baby.

  • The grab and kick play mat allows your baby to learn the skill of grab and kick.
  • Promotes in the early-stage of musical experience that accelerates in language acquisition.
  • The soft light gives the babies visual perception without harming their eyes.
  • The materials used in toys are non-toxic, free from BPA and phthalate.
  • No cons

3-Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy Time Premium Water mat

Next, we have the Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy time water mat for infants and toddlers. This mat is an excellent play mat for your baby. The quality of the mat is supreme because of the heavy-duty PVC’s use to lock the water from leaking.

The water-filled baby play mat is great for nurturing the head, neck, and shoulder muscles, improving their eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, and pre-primary social skills.

Watch how excited your baby gets to enter this wonderland with their eyes wide open, amused by the vibrant colors and floating toys.

Allow your little ones to try catching the vibrant toys while they float on the water. The splash pad will offer enough engaging time for stimulating a healthy, fun play.

The parents just need to fill the outer surface ring and tap water in the inner mat. Set them on the ground. This versatile bright baby mat has toys inside it.

  • Improves developmental skills.
  • Increases patience.
  • Expands imagination abilities.
  • Enhances sensory development.
  • BPA-Free product.
  • When it is brand new, it can release the plastic smell.

4-WYSWYG Baby Gym Jungle Musical Play Mats 

The WYSWYG Baby Gym Jungle Musical Play Mat is one of the best 5 months old baby toys for introducing them to the shapes and colors. Identification of shapes and colors are the basic pre-primary skills in the phase of learning.

Hence, the babies can lie on the mat and play piano keys releasing different musical sounds to expand auditory senses. Since the piano is detachable, your little ones can play, or you can tie it at the bedside to create a soothing atmosphere as well for your baby to sleep.

The most exciting part is that it comprises six cheerful music, three nursery rhymes, two levels of volume to suit the environmental necessities. Also, they will be able to touch pendants to develop their arms and legs muscles. The baby can even sit on the mat and touch the ring bell that hangs on the toy arch. This will enhance their hands’ flexibility while grasping.

It comes with four cute animal toys attached in the center for developing imaginative play. Similarly, the mirror assists in understanding the idea of object permanence clearly.

  • Increase in muscle development.
  • Increases eye-hand coordination.
  • Expands auditory learning.
  • It is an entertaining play tool.
  • Grabs the attention of the babies easily.
  • Helps in social development.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • A great option for gifting babies from 0-12months age.
  • The keys of the piano are sensitive, and so it may release music at odd times with a mild kick.

5-LAMAZE, Octotunes, Musical Octopus Stuffed Baby Toy

Finally, we have the award-winning baby toy Lamaze Octotunes to offer an early development of your child along with the cheerful musical tunes. This toy will help you to plan for your 5 months old baby activities. Similar to its name, the octotunes has a total of eight colorful tentacles of different patterns. When you squeeze these tentacles, they release a unique musical sound in each of them.

With this musical octotune toy, your baby will be able to learn basic skills like visual, auditory, tactile understanding. This toy also offers you a chance to play along with your baby and enjoy parenting to the fullest. Its colorful patterns and a friendly smile increases visual development while the fascinating textures offer tactile learning.

Plus, your baby can discover his/her tune by squeezing every tentacle.

  • Interesting and unique play toy.
  • Helps to develop auditory, visual, and tactile skills.
  • Discover different tunes.
  • It is you who can press the toy legs and not the baby to play music.

Tips For The Parents Of Five-months-old Baby

Raising an infant is a job for full-time. The amount of time, care, and attention the demands of your little one may seem to be overwhelming. Here are a few tips for parenting a five months old baby-

  • Babies often have mood swings, so never try to force them to play something they do not like.
  • Every infant takes his or her own time to interpret, understand, and learn a new activity. Do not panic or lose faith if your baby is not getting the game you want him/her to play. Your baby perhaps may comprehend things before learning them.
  • Set the game, motivate your infant to crawl towards the game. Keep an eye on and use verbal or gestural prompts whenever the infant discovers something interesting.
  • Remove each toy hangings and other dangling items connected at the crib top as the chance of getting entangled to their legs and arms.
  • Babies tend to put items inside their mouth. You can say that it is their way of exploring the surrounding. So remember always to choose those toys which are free from BPA or phthalate. Make sure the purpose of the toys should be teething toys and safe for babies. Also, clean the toys daily to deter bacteria accumulation.

Final Thought

Your infant is your bundle of joy. Grab, cuddle, and kiss their soft potato cheeks. Infants love the touch of loved ones, especially if it is their mother. It provides them with security and also comforts them. 

So, we hope you now have ideas on how to play with a 5 months old baby? Playing helps them to interact with others as well as develop social skills. Additionally, these play and learning activities can support your baby to reach their age-appropriate milestones. So, try out these fun activities and incorporate the toys to let your infant have a fun time.

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