How To Keep Baby Warm At Night Without A Swaddle

For all the parents, keeping the baby warm at night is a matter of concern. It may not be safer for your baby to be wrapped up all night as it can cause overheating or suffocation.

Wrong bedding or suffocation due to a thick blanket can cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It is better to avoid using thick blankets for the first year. 

Different other ways that you can try to keep your baby warm at night

Wearable blankets are amazing as it keeps your baby warm and they are not at all thick. You can also go layered clothing where you can remove a layer or add one if needed.

Understanding the right temperature and comfort of your baby is important. Your baby would need the same coverage as you would require on a winter night. 

Babies do not understand their body temperature and sense the cold or heat. As winter months start, you will observe how your baby’s hands and legs become cold. You have to keep them warm without delay, but covering them whole will not be a good idea. 

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has some essential guidelines for keeping a baby warm at night in a cold house.

  • According to them, there should be no playing objects or push back on the baby’s crib. 
  • Keeping the room’s temperature perfectly applicable to babies. 
  • They have also suggested that parents should keep the baby with them at sleep time for six months. But if extending it a year will be ideal.

Other time of bedtime clothing on winter nights can definitely be sleeping sacks. These sacks are light, keep your baby warm, and help the baby from sudden slipping at night.

Selecting the ideal sleeping sack with the correct ambient temperature and your baby’s temperature is vital. While you choose the one for your baby, you recommend that you go for the reputed brands as selecting the right material is too important. 

Essentials to know on how to keep your baby warm at night without a swaddle.

We have covered the section on selecting the appropriate clothing for your baby on winter nights. As we have discussed earlier, babies do not understand their body temperature. Parents have to be cautious about it.

All need to be monitored, from selecting good material and lightweight, warm clothes to adjusting the room’s temperature. Now, here are some tips to Keep Your Baby Warm at Night without a swaddle.

Setting the correct temperature

Determining whether your baby has the correct room temperature or not is essential. Also, the room temperature will decide whether your baby is getting a comfortable and cozy sleep.

For babies, the best range of setting the temperature is 20-20 degrees Celsius. Keeping it lower or higher than this can be discomforting. 

Picking the correct wearable blanket

If wrapping your baby with a blanket is not a good option, then having a perfect wearable blanket can be comforting. You will get sack-like wearable blankets that are breathable, gets adjusted with the baby’s body temperature.

Most importantly, it keeps your baby’s legs warmer as they tend to be colder.

If you want to keep a lightweight blanket on your baby, you can also do that. But as babies move too often while sleeping, the blanket might slip off.

So, every time, you have to check if their blanket to keep him warmer. Checking every time in the middle of the night can be hectic, so it is best to go for a wearable blanket for colder nights. 

Using the best cold moisturizer for your baby’s skin

Babies’ skin is susceptible, and due to cold, they may get rough and dry.

Also, too much covering the body all the time can make the skin drier. We suggest you using a healthy moisturizer good for babies’ skin. Moisturizers that are enriched with milk and butter are the best as it repairs the damaged skin.

Also, applying the correct lotion or moisturizer can reduce dryness, redness, or itching that can cause by any warm blanket.

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Managing sufficient air in the room 

During winters, the cold winds make the weather cooler, especially during the nights. It is important to keep the windows shut at night if the weather is extremely cold. Also, you have to make sure the room is ventilated. An enclosed space with a wearable blanket can also suffocate your baby.

Keep your baby’s crib or bassinet away from air vents, fans, or drifty windows. Ensure there is no way the cold wind is getting into the room and making the room too cold. 

Getting the crib warm before putting your baby to sleep. 

During winters, some days can be extremely cold. If you want, you can preheat the crib a little for a warm and cozy sleep. You might be thinking about how to preheat the crib? Well, that’s easy. Use a hot bottle of water or use a heating pad on the sheets for 30 minutes.

Make sure you touch the crib and consider the warmth. It should not be too hot. Do not forget to remove the hot bottle or that heating pad before placing your baby in the crib. 

Placing a cover on your baby’s head and hands

Often a baby’s body heat comes out through their head and hands. Using lightweight mittens and thin, soft baby caps can provide extra warmth to your baby. For feet, it is ideal to use socks. 

Placing a warm mattress

During winters, flooring in most of the houses is extremely cold. Due to this, the underside of the crib can be chilled with cold. It is better to use a well fitted waterproof mattress.

Too soft blankets can keep your baby away from smothering accidents, but it also develops the risk of getting the cold into such blankets. So, we recommend you to avoid them. 

The most common mistakes should be avoided while keeping the baby warm at night

For all the parents, the one thing that they are focused on is keeping the baby warm at all costs. But while getting the correctly done, some common mistakes should be avoided. 

  • It is important to understand the baby’s essentials in the room. Be cautious while setting the room heaters to cause fire burns and poisoning due to carbon monoxide. 
  • Avoid wrapping your baby with fluffy jackets, as extra wrapping can cause suffocation. Also, do not use scarves for your baby as it may cause breathing problems. You can guard your baby’s face by using a stroller. 
  • Do not keep your baby covered too long if you think that the weather is less cold, so it is better to remove some layers to make him feel comfortable. Too much extra covering can make the child irritated.

How can bedding arrangements keep your baby warm at night with a swaddle?

So far, we have understood that swaddles, blankets, pillows, duvets are not advisable for babies on winter nights. 

So how can we keep the baby warm at night?

The best way without a swaddle is light bedding or sack-wearable sleeping bags. It is very comforting for babies who are not well, and very little clothing is required. 

Depending upon the weather, the bedding arrangements need to be changed. 

Your baby may not need full coverage throughout the day. 

You can use light blankets as required for a single covering. Soft blankets are extremely comforting and have breathable holes. 

Another point that you should in mind is not keeping any soft toys with your baby at night. Your baby may feel more comfortable than warmth during cooler nights. American Academy has strictly informed the avoidance of soft toys during the night as it will lower the tendency of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

How can you determine the body temperature of your baby?

Before getting your baby dressed for the night, it is best to check your baby’s body temperature. 

The accurate way of checking your baby’s body temperature is by putting a hand on the chest or checking the neck’s back. 

When the weather is extremely cold, at first check your baby’s feet and hands as they become cool much faster than other body parts. 

You may find them turn blotchy or blue, so rub them gently until they become warm. 

Please be tension-free that this is not a worrying situation, as hands and feet do get cold and perfectly natural. 

Many doctors suggest that you never put a hat on your child’s head when inside the house. This is so because our head controls the whole body temperature and releases heat. 

Same way, you check if your baby is too warm. The first check-point that you will notice is too much sweating on the neck or chest. It is better to remove the blanket or the wearable sack on those occasions and let your baby cool up a little. 

Using a Pacifier

Most of the moms may have this common question of whether giving a pacifier will be ideal. You can definitely provide your baby with a pacifier. If you see that your is a bit fussy or have trouble sleeping, a pacifier will be a good option. Pacifiers reduce the fussing element from your baby.

During cold nights, your baby’s sleep may get interrupted, and the pacifier can help her sleep again. The interruption can be due to temperature, so you can simply check the body temperature without disturbing your baby’s sleepy mood.

However, it is not best to depend on a pacifier totally. So, it is better to judge all the side effects and then go for one. 

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Choosing the correct mattress for your baby

Do you know choosing the correct mattress for your baby can also determine your baby’s safe and comfortable sleeping

You should always prefer a mattress that is firm and not plush. A too-soft bed can cause a smothering threat, which should be avoided strictly.

A mattress that is firm allows back-sleeping that reduces Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. After a few months, when a baby starts rolling, she may change the sleeping pattern. 

You can also try to keep your baby warm using the tight and strong fannel sheet. It ensures that the sheet is not brunching up. It could reduce the risk of getting the baby’s nose covered accidentally while sleeping. Your baby’s face should not be covered as it will increase suffocation. 

Points that you can follow on keeping your baby warm when you are outside. 

Taking your baby outside during winters is not advisable, but you can follow the steps below it is unavoidable. 

  • It is suggested that you dress up your baby with light fabrics and not harsh. It should be breathable and comforting. 
  • Cover your baby’s hands with mittens as they become cold very quickly. For toddlers or newborns, tucking the hands inside the blanket will be ideal. 
  • When you are outside, you can use a hat on your baby’s head to avoid the chilled wind to protect the ear. 
  • Wearing a baby carrier is an excellent idea to keep your baby warm while you are outside for long hours. Nothing can provide warmth to your baby than the heat from your own skin. 

Bottom Line

Parenting has challenges in every step, while this is a sweet task for every parent. Questions for your child’s safety never end, but we covered all the possible points that you come in your mind. It is vital to understand how to keep the baby warm at night without the swaddle to reduce suffocation and discomfort.

This article will notice every essential point, from setting the correct room temperature to choosing the right mattress. Every portion needs to be monitored and has to be perfect. You can also approach your doctor to know if on getting ideal to keep your baby warm without a swaddle. 

Hope today’s article has helped in finding answers to your confusions, and your child sleeps tight every night. 

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