How to Give Medicine to Baby Who Refuses

If your baby is not falling for the old trick of spoon-feeding medicine saying here reaches the airplane, you need to think of other ways. How to give medicine to the baby who refuses is a matter of concern for the parents. How tricky it is, as a parent, you need to look for innovative ideas so that your baby takes medicine.

We know it is not easy to find ways and that too in a tensed-mind, so we bring you some easy ways and products to solve this problem.

Ways To Give Medicine To The Baby Who Refuses

Giving medicine to babies, especially when it is bitter, can give you a tough time. However, we have some tips and tricks that you can apply to dodge your baby from refusing medicine. So, without any further delay, learn them and implement the one your baby cannot deny.

Make A Happy Face

Act like taking medicine is an enjoyable task in front of your baby. Kids can easily find out negative body language. Play the peek-a-boo game with your baby. Ask your baby to cover their eyes and take the tongue out. As soon as you put medicine and before your baby could know what happened, they will swallow it.

Avoid Putting On The Taste Buds

Yes, you need to avoid putting medicine on your baby’s taste buds even if they are old enough to take a sip of the bitter medicine. It is because kids tend to throw bitter medicine as soon as it touches their taste buds. If you want to avoid letting your baby know about the bitter taste of the medicine, you can use a syringe or dropper and put the medicine at the back of the tongue.

Chill Out

If your baby has no trouble in cold catching more often, give them ice chips or ice pop, and tell him/her to suck it. Ice chips help to numb your baby’s taste buds, and hence when you put bitter-tasting medicine on the mouth, they could not feel it. Thus, they swallow the medicine smoothly. Do not give your baby a large ice cube as it can choke them.

If you don’t like to put ice in your baby’s mouth, you can set the medicine in the refrigerator to make it chilled.

Mask The Bitter-taste

Now let us discuss how to give your baby liquid medicine. Tell the pediatrician about how your child refuses to take medication. The pediatrician often prescribes medicine with added flavors like grape, banana, watermelon, etc. Pharmacy adds these flavors to the liquid medicine to make the intake of medicine a fun experience.

Surrender Your Control

Kids love it when they receive the power of decision making. To take their medicine, you can allow your kid to choose if he/she wants to take medicine in a cup or a dropper. Having the power to make a choice, kids feel a sense of pride. Kids feel that it is their decision, and their parents are not imposing on them.

Play Doctor-Patient Game

Getting toddlers to take medicine is even more challenging. For that, you can play the doctor-patient game. Take a doll and tell your toddler that the doll is his/her patient and your kid is the doctor. Ask your kid to give medicine to the sick doll before your kid consumes medicine. This game will comfort your kid while taking medicine.

Take The Help of Pediatrician

Tell your pediatrician about your baby’s preferences. If your baby likes to chew medicine than drink liquid ones, let the doctor know it all. The doctor may also prescribe higher concentrations of medicine, which you can give fewer drops to your baby.

Make Your Baby Laugh

Make your baby laugh continuously, and in between, put medicine into their mouth when they do off-guard. Remember, you must make them laugh even after they swallow it.

Hide In The Food

One of the oldest tricks you can follow is hiding it in the food or even in drinks if it is liquid. Generally, the chocolate syrup can disguise any bad-tasting medicine.

All you need to do is take a teaspoon of the chocolate syrup and mix it with medicine. However, you need to be cautious in using this trick only if your baby is above six months.

Be honest

We know that you are thinking about how to get babies to take medicine. But we would like to suggest that, if your kid is a little big, be honest and tell them that you are giving him/her medicine.

Medicine will make them stronger and better. There is nothing to lie about that it will taste yummy. Instead, simply explain the benefit of medicine. Sometimes, it is better, to tell the truth.

You cannot insist that it is tasty when you can be proved incorrect within a few seconds. Do not forcibly feed medicine. Show the medicine, and let your baby understand that it will benefit their body.

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Best Products For the Health of Babies

1-American Red Cross Deluxe Health and Grooming Kit

First of all, we bring you a health and grooming kit for your baby from the brand American Red Cross. This healthcare and grooming kit is a vital pack of nursing items that includes a digital thermometer with its case and a nasal aspirator. Along with this, it has a convenient medicine spoon with a cap, medicinal dropper, nail clipper, brush, toothbrush, fingertip toothbrush, mirror, comb, and a scissor.

The soft bristle of the fingertip toothbrush is suitable for cleaning your little one’s gummy teeth. Plus, the toddler toothbrush is also gentle to brush on young gums and tooth enamel. Just like the brushes, the baby comb runs softly on the baby’s scalp.

You can use the nail clipper to cut your baby’s nails. The nail clipper has curving blades that make it a unique one and safe too.

All these items come in a zip-lock travel or storage bag with a transparent space to peep into the products without opening them. Besides, the travel bag possesses the baby’s wellness and security guidebook for you to carry out every task with conviction. Use this tote bag to perfectly organize these essential baby products together inside it both at your home and at the time of travel.

  • It is a huge collection.
  • Both healthcare and grooming kit is available in one bag.
  • Travel-friendly bag
  • Easy to organize and store
  • Soft bristle baby brushes
  • Soft comb teeth that run smoothly on the baby’s scalp
  • No cons

2-Amplim Contact/Non Contact Digital Forehead Thermometer 

Next, we have one of the essential healthcare items that you and your baby will both require. Yes, we are talking about a non-contact touch-free digital thermometer that you can use to measure the body temperature of every member of your family, including your baby. Place it near your baby’s body and get the precise temperature with its dual Fahrenheit and Celsius mode.

It is not like a regular thermometer that you use only to measure the body temperature, and there is more to it. Amplim digital thermometer has someunique features like memory to store temperature till 35 before readings, clear fever alarm, and dual Fahrenheit and Celsius mode.

The accuracy in reading temperature makes it a medical-grade device. Its touch-free feature makes it one of the most hygienic thermometers to use for babies. This thermometer is excellent to scan the forehead faster without touching to monitor ailments such as fever, cold, or flu.

Moreover, the color-coded LCD screen is ideal for offering clear and precise temperature reading during urgency.

  • Safe to use
  • Offers accurate temperature reading
  • Reading comes in both Fahrenheit and Celsius modes.
  • Suitable for both kids and elders
  • It is non-invasive
  • Contactless reading provider
  • It comes with a modern design with the digital LCD screen.
  • Approved by the FSA and HSA
  • Comes with two years of warranty
  • Since it operates with the battery, you need to refill it often.

3-KAILEXBABY Baby Grooming Kit

The Kailexbaby Baby Grooming kit is for your baby care that includes nine essential healthcare and grooming products. Use this to groom your baby and keep them neat and clean. The health care kit consists of a nasal aspirator, oral suction, medical dropper, and digital thermometer.

After that come the grooming items, including a baby brush, a finger toothbrush, baby comb, baby nail file, andnail clipper. Plus, the materials of all the products are BPA free. The nasal aspirator is ideal for babies to relieve their nasal congestion. Besides, it is very easy to clear and needs no filter.

  • It is a lightweight kit.
  • Ideal to gift in baby shower or birthdays
  • Well-organized bag
  • BPA free aspirator
  • Easy to carry
  • Has superior quality and safe materials
  • Slightly expensive


Our fourth recommendation is something about baby hygiene. From the brand of Oogiebear, we bring you their special Patented Curved Scoop And Loopcleaner. This cleaner is gentle on the sensitive ears and nose of the little ones. Additionally, the dual-ended designer cleaner firmly cleans the ears and nose of the baby fast.  

The dual end consists of a scoop end that can efficiently remove all the dried boogers from the nose. On the other hand, the loop end helps to remove the sticky snot.

Since it is lightweight and simple to clean, you can use it both at home and during travel time. Make sure that the baby never sucks it. So, Oogiebear is an excellent product to help your baby sleep and breathe with ease. Easy breathing and sleeping further nourish the health of your child.

  • It is lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Helps to breathe easily
  • Simple to clean
  • It comes with both scoop and loop.
  • Ideal for maintaining your baby’s hygiene
  • You cannot boil or sterile the product.

5-Health o Meter Grow 

Our final recommendation in this baby healthcare category is the Health o meter Grow With Me Baby to Toddler Scale. This scale is just perfect for tracking the growth record of your baby. It also comes with a growth chartbook, which helps you be more aware of the topic.

The growth tracking scale has a removable tray that you can use to protect your baby at the time of weighing. Gradually, when your baby grows old, the tray comes out and transforms into a simple digital scale for the young ones.

This weight measuring scale provides accuracy in measuring the lbs up to 60 lbs. Furthermore, its LCD screen of 1.2 inches is ideal for reading the measurement.

  • Cost-effective design
  • Measures baby weight accurately.
  • Transforms tray into a platform to measure the weight of young children
  • Has LCD screen display
  • It comes with the hold button
  • Offers a total of five years limited warranty period
  • It can measure body weight up to 60 lbs.


We hope by now you know how to give medicine to the baby who refuses. Yes, kids love when you empower them. So, ask them and let them make some choices. They feel a sense of pride in taking a decision and thus take medicine. Along with all the tricks, try to get medicine that can easily dissolve.

Moreover, you can offer them treats or rewards when they take medicine. It is not like bribery, and rather it is more of a positive reinforcement that stimulates their urge to retake it. So, follow these easy and simple tricks and browse through the baby essential healthcare product to maintain the sound health of your baby.

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