How To Cut Baby Hair: Parenting Guide

Haircuts are the things that most of the toddlers fear very much. First of all, parents find it hard to convince their kids to go for a haircut. Basically, kids and toddlers don’t understand the necessity of haircuts. 

Of course, they don’t possess enough common sense, like adults. Also, kids naturally remain indifferent regarding their dresses, outfits, and looks. They tend to focus mainly on playing and entertaining themselves. They don’t feel as good and stylish as adults do. In their infant minds, they don’t even have spaces for their looks and appearances. 

That’s why it gets troublesome for the parents to take kids to the saloons. We, adults, like to spend hours in the saloon to make ourselves look good. But the saloons are probably the scariest and most boring places for kids.

That’s why many parents try to do their kid’s haircut themselves at home. But as you know, a haircut is not a joke. It’s not a casual thing that one can do effortlessly. 

Things that parents should know 

If you try to dress anyone’s hair without having knowledge about it, you’ll end up creating a mess. The same thing happens with the parents who try to cut their kid’s hair themselves. Most of them are entirely new to the task, and they make it a mess. Afterward, they feel ashamed to take their kid outside in public. 

There are other types of parents who take their kids to saloon forcefully. In case if the kid denies getting the haircut, they rebuke their kid. Well, that’s not going to work too. The haircutting process requires cooperation from the kid as well. A single second of casualty can harm your kid during a haircut. Therefore, additional safety is necessary during the haircut of a toddler.

Also, all the kids don’t have the same hair type. Different toddlers have different hair-textures, different thicknesses, and different hair-types. Some of the kids have smooth textures, while others have rough textures. Also, different hair lengths require different cuts. These things make the process of cutting hair more complex and time-taking.

Moreover, toddlers need special attention during haircuts. Otherwise, their sensitive scalps can be injured anytime. Naturally, a kid’s scalp is not as hard as an adult’s scalp is.

In this article, we are going to explain different how To Cut Baby Hair?. There are different kinds of haircutting accessories and equipment in the market. Among all of them, scissors, trimmers, and clippers are the most efficient tools to cut kids’ hair. We are going to discuss the procedures of using all the accessories in the following part of the article.

How to cut your kid’s hair at home?

Cutting your kid’s hair at home will be a better option if you know how to cut hair. Your kid will also feel comfortable to have a haircutting session with you. You just have to make sure that you have understood the entire process very well. Once you know the procedure in detail, you can perform it easily. And you will get perfection after doing your kid’s haircut multiple times. Here are the steps to cut your kid’s hair at home.

Selecting the right accessories

  • You will need a few accessories to do the haircut. Firstly, you need a good pair of scissors. It will be best if you can arrange a pair of barber’s scissors. You can also use normal hair cutting scissors instead. Get the best quality scissors online or buy them from local pharmacy shops.
  • A booster seat is the second thing that you should look for. Also, make sure that the seat has a lower back. That will allow you to cut the hair of your kid correctly from all angles. A revolving chair with a low back will also be a good option for the haircutting session.
  • Get two towels before you start cutting. Place one underneath the chair to prevent hair clippings from falling on the floor directly. Cover your kid’s body with the second one to ensure that his/her clothing doesn’t get dirty.

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Distract your kid

As mentioned before, kids become afraid before having a haircut. Sometimes the sharp edges of the scissors hurt the soft scalp of your kid. That’s why your kid might refrain from having the cut. All you need to do is to distract your kid while doing the haircut.

  • You can give a comics book or an exciting toy to your kid to keep him/her busy. Meanwhile, do the haircut attentively.
  • Also, you can play your kid’s favorite cartoon on television to keep him/her amused. While watching the cartoon with great attention, the kid will prevent you from cutting hair.
  • You should have interactions with your baby boy or girl in an entertaining way. Just keep a smiling vibe on your face and talk as much as you can.

If you become successful in keeping the kid distracted, half of your job is done. The kid won’t interrupt the haircut, and you can complete that pretty easily.

Steps to DIY toddler haircut

Here we are providing a step by step guide to do-it-yourself toddler haircut and making your haircutting task easier. Just follow these instructions mindfully, and you will do it easily.

  • First of all wet down the hair of your kid. 

Don’t ever try to cut hair without spraying water on that. That will hurt your kid and injure his/her scalp as well. 

You will get a spraying bottle in any local shop for a low price. Also, you should get such a bottle, pour water into it and spray all over your kid’s head before cutting.

  • After that, take a clip and fasten all the portions of the hair that you’re not going to cut. 

To be specific, divide your kid’s hair into some sections. Then start cutting the hair section by section. While cutting one section, keep the others fastened with clips. Don’t make too many different sections. 2-3 sections will be fine to make your task easier.

  • Don’t forget the 45-degree rule while cutting your kid’s hair. 

You have to grab the hair in a perfect angle to cut perfectly. According to the expert stylists, grabbing the hair at a 45-degree angle will allow you to smoothly cut the hair. Grab a section of the hair and run the scissors along with your fingers. In the meantime, apply your other fingers in keeping the line straight.

  • As an amateur, you should start cutting the hair of your kid from the front. 

Apply the water spray to rinse the comb. Then use the comb to drag the bangs of the hair down towards the eyebrows. Then cut those bangs evenly. You should apply the 45-degree rule while cutting the bangs also.

  • It is better if someone holds your kid tightly when you perform these steps. 

Any sudden movement of your kid can cause injury or accident.

  • You can start from the ears also if your child is not at all quiet at that time. 

Don’t take the risk of running the comb along his/her forehead. Start from the ears instead. You should gently cut the hair around the ears.

  • You have to maintain a gentle, soft, and comfortable grab throughout the whole process. 

Don’t snip the hair of your kid too hard. That strains the soft scalp of your kid. You should grab the hair of a section vertically to cut that section in a better way. Firstly, grab a piece of hair firmly but gently between two fingers. Your scissors should create a 45-degree angle with your fingers and just cut the piece of hair then.

  • Decide how much to cut before running the scissors. 

Get an idea of the approximate cutting length from the sections that you have already cut. While cutting a piece of hair, always cut a bit shorter than what you think. You can’t adjust a section if you make that too short.

All these steps tell you how to cut toddler boy hair at home

Steps to cut toddler girl’s hair

Obviously, the above steps are applicable for toddler girls too. But usually, the hair of girls is longer than boys. Therefore, we are mentioning the techniques to cut down long hair. These steps will help you to cut the long hairs of your daughter easily.

  • It’s a challenge to cut long hair evenly. Even if you divide the hair into separate sections, you might not be able to adjust all those evenly. It is better to divide the hair into two portions from the middle.
  • While cutting the long hair of your daughter, you must start from the top. That will allow you to adjust the hair in a better and organized way. Cut the hairs of the top portion to determine the cutting length of the lower portion.
  • Split the hair of the lower portion into different sub-sections. After that, lift up all those subsections and fasten those with clips.
  • Then start cutting the sections evenly and apply the 45-degree rule here also. The lengths of all the sections should be the same after you end up cutting.
  • After you complete this step, you need to drag down the hair with the help of a comb. Cut the excess portions of the hair to adjust the length. Just make sure that all the parts of the hair are even. If the hair seems uneven or excess anywhere, just cut off the extra part to complete the cut.

How to cut toddler hair with clippers?

Clipper is another convenient tool for cutting hair. You can adjust the length settings while cutting hair with a clipper. To adjust the length settings according to your needs, you have to buy clippers guards. Those guards actually determine the length settings. 

The length settings vary from brand to brand. Some brands offer 6 different length settings while other brands provide 10 to 12 different length settings. You have to decide the length setting as per your needs. 

Here we are giving you the instructions about how you can use a clipper-

  • You have to attach the right clipper guard before cutting the hair of your kid.
  • The haircutting technique is pretty simple, with a clipper. In this case, you have to clip the hair of the back very shortly. You have to attach a clipper guard that allows short clipping.
  • On the other hand, you need to leave the top’s hair longer than the back’s hair. Therefore, you need to attach a clipper guard accordingly. Make sure that the clipper guard doesn’t clip the hair of the top shorter than the back. Even the same length will look quite odd.
  • Then, you have to attach a mid-range clipper guard to blend the hair. With that clipper guard, the clipper will blend the top’s hair and the hair of the back.

This is the complete guide to the haircutting process that you can perform at home. 

A few essential things to keep in mind

If your kid isn’t comfortable with the saloon’s environment, don’t force him/her. That kind of thing can cause unnecessary harassment for you. Many of the kids cry and move dangerously when getting a haircut in the saloon. Such a thing is not at all safe. You have to understand that haircutting includes metal accessories. Any sudden movement of your kid during a haircut can result in a severe accident. But kids don’t understand the risk factors, and they act casually.


Cutting your kid’s hair at home is undoubtedly a better option for you and your kid. As a guardian, you don’t have to leave your kid in anyone else’s hand. Your kid will also prefer to have a haircut session with you. You need to gather the necessary equipment and take care of the safety measurements. 

The instruction mentioned above will help you out. Read all those instructions carefully to avoid any uncertainty. Make your kid as comfortable as you can. There aren’t many difficulties in the entire process. Just be attentive with the scissors and get your child a new and stylish look.

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