How To Clean Toddler Ears: How To Parenting

Are you noticing some unusual behavior in your child regarding ears? Is your child complaining about a disturbance in his ears?

Well, there is much possibility that your child might be facing an excessive build-up of earwax.

For children, this is one of the common problems heard among parents. If you have a close look at your child’s ears, you may observe some yellowish earwax. It is not always required to see them outside of the ears; they can be inside excessively.

Earwax or cerumen may not be very good to look at, but earwax is not harmful. It is a part of our ears and helpful. Our ears are the most crucial part of our body and help us in listening. 

But there is an area of concern if it is excessive and no cleaning is done. Most of the parents try to find out how to remove earwax in toddlers at home. Though there are home remedies, you need to have proper guidance and know what earwax is, when they are helpful when they can be a problem. 

Your child might also face some severe ears problems from earwax, which you would need to know. 

Some symptoms that you might face due to a large amount of earwax

  • Partial hearing loss
  • Your child might experience an unusual ringing sound in his ears.
  • He might develop some tremendous ear pain.
  • You might see your child continuously scratching his ears. He might be doing so as he feels itchiness. 
  • You may come across some hard or dry earwax drainage. 
  • Sudden development of cough
  • Foul odor from the ear section
  • Growing dizziness

What amount of earwax is average?

You will find no typical amount mentioned about the amount of earwax in your child. As different child has unique body qualities and requirements, so do this earwax. They vary from one another. You may also see in your child that the one ear is processing more earwax than the other one. If you witness the excess amount of earwax dropping from your child’s ears and thinking about how to clean toddler’s ear wax at home, you might take some help from a pediatrician. 

Your doctor will be the right person to help to inform you whether it is too much. 

If your doctor can view through the earwax to the inside of the ear, it is alright. But if the wax is blocking the path, your doctor may prescribe you eardrops. 

Role of earwax

It is an undeniable fact that earwax is an essential part of our ears. In nature, earwax is generally thick to protect our ears from germs and bacteria to enter. It blocks the path for them so that no dust can invade the path. If there is zero earwax, germs get an easy passage to enter, leading to severe bacterial or fungal infection. 

It works as a shield. Earwax holds chemicals like enzymes that keep out bacteria and fungus from growing. It is also useful for building a barrier for water to enter. Toddler ear wax removal is only needed if facing any issue with hearing. 

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Ways for earwax removal at home

Removal of earwax from your child’s ear should be done with care. As kids, their ear tissues are sensitive, and any wrong step can make the situation worse. 

  • You can use cotton or any cloth to remove the wax, which has oozed out the ear area

Old cotton cloth is recommended as they are soft. Partially new cloth can be harsh on your kid’s skin. 

  • Drying of ears after a bath

Once your child has a shower, ask her to tilt her ear with a towel to one side and tilt her ear to the other side. Allowing the water to flow on its own also helps to remove the excess earwax from the ear. 

Things that the parents should remember

When kids feel irritated, they put items like a stick, small beads, or any sharp items without knowing the danger. Most kids do this unknowingly, but it can lead to permanent hearing loss and any other irreversible damage. 

  • It is highly suggested that the parents should not put any sharp or pointed things on your child’s ears. Such materials can be highly contagious, and if you do not know the right way, it can lead to even worse. 
  • Professionals like a pediatrician or an ENT specialist should perform such removals as they are skilled and adequately equipped. Having a word with your child regarding the dangers of putting such items on the ears will be ideal.
  • Make your child understand the importance of keeping the ear clean. Also. tell him to clean the outside area of the ear and behind with warm water and baby soap. It will help to remove extra oil and acne. 

So, we have mentioned that more than the required earwax can be an issue. You will find multiple earwax removal products in the market, which will melt the wax so that it comes out on its own. You should only use such products if your child is facing a hard time with his ears. 

Also, your doctor will help you with the right product to use. Some products will have some materials which are not suitable for ears and can cause side effects. It is best to have a word with your doctor before using products from the market. 

Using prescribed ear drops, if you are using ear drops prescribed, some steps are used. 

  • Make your baby lie on the side of the affected ear. 
  • Pull the lobe that is lower with care, and they set it back to open the canal. 
  • Generally, five drops are enough, but it is wise to use it as prescribed. 
  • As the drop is given, keep the baby on that side so that the drops can penetrate. You can also keep the baby lying for 10 minutes.
  • Make sure the ear drops goes out of your toddler’s ear onto the tissue. 

Removing hard earwax from your toddler’s ear also has various other home remedies. 

These include: 

  • Mineral-based oil
  • Olive oil
  • Almond oil
  • Water
  • Commercial ear drops like the Debrox
  • Glycerin

Using baking soda for toddler’s earwax removal

A very used and effective ingredient used to remove earwax. Find out how to use it:

  • Take half tea-spoon baking soda in 2 ounces of mildly warm water.
  • You can use a dropper if you have. Droppers will help you to measure how much is required.
  • Ask your child to tilt his head so that you can pour at least 5 to 10 droplets. Ensure to give one a time drop. 
  • Leave it untouched up to an hour. Wash it gently. 
  • Ideal for using once in a day. Home remedies take time. Remember, it will take a few days. Besides, do not forget to discontinue after two weeks.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide 

Using at least 3% of hydrogen peroxide at home, you can remove your child’s earwax. 

  • Tilt your child’s head to one side and use at least 5 to 10 drops into the ear. 
  • Keep your head at that tilted position for at least 5 mins for the solution reaches to the wax
  • Continue this for 4 to 14 days. 

Steps to use oil for removing earwax 

  • Select any oil that we have mentioned earlier. For the best outcome, warm the oil a bit. 
  • Avoid using a microwave for heating.
  • Take a patch test on your skin to determine the warmth. Your child’s skin is much more sensitive than yours. 
  • Slightly tilt your child’s head and pour a few drops.
  • Ideal for using twice each day

Using Water flushing for removing ear wax

Not to mention, water flushing can be the easiest way to remove wax naturally from your child’s ears.

  • You can buy a rubber bulb for cleaning ear wax.
  • Soak the rubber in lukewarm water.
  • Tilt his head lightly to a side with a towel. A thick towel will be ideal.
  • Press the rubber bulb slowly. The warm water will go straight to the ears. 
  • Permit the water to flow down to the towel.
  • If you want to see how much earwax came out, you can use a bowl.

Possible risky kids ear wax removal home remedies

With all the possible ways above mentioned, you may pick up some wrong this or way to remove the earwax from your child’s delicate ears. We urge you not to follow the below ways: 

•       Using small objects

The ear is the essential organ for hearing. So, do not use small items like pen caps, match sticks, bobby pins, tweezers, pencils, or any other object. These items are not fit to clear ear wax, and if by any chance, it goes in the wrong way, it can cause permanent loss of hearing. 

•       Using Cotton Swabs

You might find cotton swabs eligible for cleaning earwax for your child, but they are tiny for the ears. 

It may cause an infection to the ear. 

•       About ear candles

Many parents are aware of the procedure and also highly famous. But there are also concerns about accidents that can happen with this method. If not used correctly, your kid may face burns and damaged eardrums. 

•       Using fingers

Refrain from using your fingers for cleaning earwax. It is a gross method and also very unhygienic. Any germs or bacteria can invade your child’s eardrum while you are trying to clean the earwax. Your nails can unknowingly scratch your child’s ear, which may irritate him. 

•       Do not promote the wrong method in front of your child. 

You are an adult, and you might be cautious while dealing with your uneasiness with your ears. But your child will unintentionally or intentionally pick this method from you and may misuse it to remove his distress. Kids pick up those things which they witness. It may lead to severe harm to his ear.

All the parents need to be careful when they use anything to clear their ears in front of their child. 

•       Ignore over-cleaning 

For better and faster results, do not over-clean your child’s ear. Stick to the prescribed frequency of the usage. Cleaning earwax repeatedly can cause itchy ears, and you may also give an invitation to an ear infection. 

When is the right time for a doctor’s visit?

As a parent, you must feel unsafe doing the cleaning of earwax. It will be an ideal decision if your child is having unmanageable discomfort and indulges in non-stop scratching. Your doctor will pick up some techniques to clean it.

•       Microsuction

It is a device only for doctor’s usage. It helps to pull the earwax from the ear easily.

•       Aural Scraping 

Doctors strictly use another medical device.

This equipment is fragile, having a loop on one end to remove earwax.

•       Ear irrigation

As per the name, this medical instrument is used by professionals. It is like an electric pump that gives pressure to water so that it goes inside the ear and cleans earwax entirely. 

Final words

Though we have come up with all the possible guidance, we can provide you with your child’s earwax problem. We will urge you to book an appointment if you see any urgency. Relying on home remedies should be done if you see that your child is having a mild problem. 

Being parents, we cannot tell you to worry less and wait for the result. With natural remedies, patience is the ultimate key. Also, teaching your child the healthy ways to keep the ears clean may ease you a little. If you see any bad practice of ear cleaning in your child, we urge you to rectify that and make him understand the right ways before it is too late. 

Being a parent, it also becomes your responsibility to spread awareness among other parents who are still following the wrong ways. Forwarding the knowledge from this article will awaken a lot of misguided parents. So, let us pledge for our child to pick up the correct ways of cleaning earwax.

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