How To Choose The Best Umbrella Stroller For Tall Parents

There are several things that you need to have for your toddler. If you both are tall, then you would need a considerable height of an umbrella stroller for your kid. The best umbrella stroller for tall parents is easy to travel with and immensely lightweight.

Lightweight umbrella strollers are easy to carry anywhere, and you can even fold them when it is not in use. It can be hard to find that perfect stroller for your toddler if you are tall. Most of the strollers are created with a standard height. If you are pushing a too short stroller, you may develop irritating back pain.

Fortunately, there are umbrella strollers for tall parents with adjustable handle extensions. Selecting the correct handle height for tall parents is one of the most important things. Besides, it is also essential to ensure that the stroller has enough space for your long legs not to hit the stroller.

This page will help you with a lot of information regarding the top umbrella strollers for tall parents. We understand that buying a stroller is a decent investment, and it needs individual researches. This guide will help you to understand what to purchase and the guidelines accordingly.

At what age an umbrella stroller is perfect?

You will find strollers with different variations all over the market. While selecting such strollers, determining the age of the kid is necessary. Some strollers are suitable for newborns with extra care and other strollers for toddlers.

Strollers with reclining backseats are useful for younger babies. The muscles and neck of a younger kid are usually at a progressing stage. So, the reclining seat helps keep muscles at the correct position.

Understanding the variations in the best umbrella stroller for tall parents

According to your needs, you will find multiple umbrella strollers. Let us check types in details:

1. Standard Umbrella strollers

Standard Umbrella strollers are the most commonly found. It is made with comforting features for everyday activities. You won’t face a hassle for a while going to a park or visiting the mall, or while grocery shopping.

The measurement of handles of such strollers can be within 33″ to 44″. Also, you get the option to adjust if you and your partner have heights like 5′8″ and 6′7″. For standard Umbrella strollers, the last handle height is 44″.

The additional features that you will find are incredibly lightweight and easy folding. It has four wheels with one seat.

2.Tall umbrella Strollers

Being tall parents, sometimes standard umbrella strollers can be bulky. You may face difficulty, and the adjustability might not always help.

The tall umbrella strollers can have extra features to fold the strollers as smaller as possible for traveling purposes. According to our research, most tall parents prefer tall umbrella strollers to protect babies from dirt and heat.

It will help you to fit them in the back seat of the car or car trunk. You will find a different kind of color options and designs. The most significant feature is the stroller handle’s height, and you get more to adjust up to 42″.

3.Tall strollers for jogging

If you are interested in jogging with your stroller, you might need one stroller for jogging. Even if you are not a jogger, you can still use jogging strollers for all purposes. The best jogging strollers for tall parents are made with enough space to not hit the stroller with your legs while running.

A jogging stroller has at least three whiles. The rear wheels are 16 inches while the first wheel is about 12 inches. The large diameter of such a wheel overcomes the bump while riding on rough roads. It ensures that your toddler is safe.

One of the remarkable features that you will see is the 5 point harness. It will hold your toddler comfortably in one place and lowers the jerking rate.

Another noticeable feature that you get is the easiness of sudden brakes. The brakes allow you to slow your pace if you need to catch your breath or have water.

It is always better you use a jogging stroller when your toddler is above six months. It is to make sure that our toddler has enough grown neck strength.

4.Tall double strollers

Tall double strollers are incredibly ideal for twin babies. These strollers are made with hard material so that it can carry both the babies safely. The suspension of such strollers is built to hold the babies at the correct place. Generally, double strollers have many pockets to carry different items like nappies, bottles, etc.

If you want to have a car seat with such strollers, you can buy them separately. Some strollers also come with the car seat in-built. Also, you get the handle height till 50.5″ so you can understand how comfortable it is. The large canopy with UPF 50+ will be suitable to keep your toddler cool and save them from scorching heat.

Some double strollers are also suitable for jogging, thanks to swivel locking that ensures your toddler’s safety.

Having extensions for the stroller’s handle

If you have a stroller already, but that is not up to your height, you can extend it using handle extensions. There are different sites where you will find other extensions for your strollers.

Despite searching if you are not getting the right one, you can make your own handle extensions. There are variable DIY ideas that will be helpful. Most of the umbrella strollers are easy to extend as they have the facility to do if required. So, while buying, if you see the option of extensions that will be ideal.

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Factors need to see while purchasing the umbrella strollers for tall parents?

Once you have planned to buy an umbrella stroller, you need to look at some of the checkpoints.

Checking the safety standard

Having a stroller is not about only comfort but also safety. According to the U.S markets, every brand with strollers should be meeting the necessary standards for strollers. Such strollers will have a sticker from the Juvenile Products Manufacturer association on the packaging. This sticker signifies that the brand of the stroller is falling under JPMA’s certification for safety.

Determining the size and age of your toddler

It will be difficult for your toddler to accommodate in the stroller if his neck muscles are still under the developing period. An umbrella stroller will be good for your toddler once she is six months old or more.

Most of the strollers do not provide the neck and back support to those who are infants. Do not forget to check the seat’s durability for carrying a toddler.

It is best to check the manufacturer’s safety guidelines for weight and size before deciding the right stroller.

Flexibility in folding the stroller

It is another essential feature to look at the flexibility of folding the stroller. If you are facing a struggle to fold it, it is definitely not a good buy. You should see how easily the stroller is to fold and also fits in a small space. If you have to travel a lot, then you should check this feature.


Check if the stroller that you are selecting is heavy or lightweight. It is better to choose the lightweight stroller as it will help you push the stroller while you are on a walk in the neighborhood or the mall. Also, a lightweight stroller will be easy to carry for travel purposes.

Easy on rough roads

Some strollers are suitable for straight roads while some strollers are specially manufactured for rocky or uneven roads. It is best to have a stroller that is eligible to be used for both situations. The wheels and the structure of the strollers that are better on uneven roads are tough, and the built quality is better. Such strollers are safe for your toddler as it avoids any accidents.

Storage facility

Most of the umbrella strollers are spacious. Sometimes it depends upon the brand and features. It is intelligent to look for a stroller with extra pockets to keep your toddler’s essentials like a diaper, water bottle, a small tiffin box, and light clothes. If you can make space for these items on the stroller, it reduces your load a bit. If you can put one or two things in the pockets at the grocery shopping time, that will be great.

Remember not to overload your stroller as it can make your toddler feel comfortable, and you may lose balance. Also, it will be useful to check the accessibility of the pockets.

Easy cleaning

As your toddler will have the felicity of life on the stroller for a couple of months, timely cleaning is required.

While buying, checking the comfortability to clean the stroller is something that will save you time. Some strollers are complicated to wash as there are multiple compartments, and reattaching some parts can be challenging. It would be best to check the procedure of cleaning the stroller and understand how to re-arrange the parts after cleaning.

Some strollers do offer a cleaning manual. Ask for it from the store, if required.

Height of the handle

The height of the handle can be another vital point to look at. Some umbrella strollers have the handle below your waist level, and some handles are fixed. It will be amazing if you get such a stroller that has an adjustable handle size. This will help you to handle the stroller at your comfort level. Also, any family member with a short height can adjust the level as per requirement.

Give a trial at the store with the stroller to understand the use and check the adjustability.

Controlling brakes

It is a very concerning factor for both jogging strollers and umbrella strollers that all parents should check. While jogging or in any unforeseen situation, the brakes will save your child from any accidents. Strollers from reputed brands have the wheels’ built mechanism that they stop immediately after applying the brake.

Some strollers have hand brakes, and some have brakes at the foot. These brakes create pressure on the wheel to be stopped. Using the brakes at the correct time is important. Once you purchase the stroller, memorize where the brake is located so that it is reachable.

Special needs for special babies

Does your toddler need special attention for carrying the medical equipment? If so, then you will have to look for those particular umbrella strollers that are made to bring to such kits. Those strollers were designed keeping in mind the equipment to be held on the go. You may take suggestions from your doctor on what kind of stroller be right for your toddler so that you can take her outside and use that equipment. You may also discuss with other parents with special children to know the best kind of stroller.

Considering the fabrics

The last and the final factor that you should consider is the fabric of the stroller. The material should be smooth and cushioned. Your toddler’s skin is soft and delicate so make sure the fabric is not harsh. Strollers with cushioned fabric make the stroller better.

Selecting the best umbrella stroller for taller parents is not an easy task. The market where most of the strollers are of average size, this guide will help you to determine the right umbrella stroller.

Strollers are a one-time purchase, and you spent a considerable amount of money to have one.

You will find a vast range of strollers for tall parents, which can be confusing. We urge you not to rush on purchasing the stroller as you might end up buying the wrong one. As a piece of suggestion, if you are planning to have another toddler after giving a gap of 2 -3 years, go for double umbrella strollers.

We hope this article helps you to select the right stroller for you and your toddler.

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