How To Choose The Best Baby Diapers: A guide

Even if you spend a fortune on your infant’s diapers, you might find him irritable every night! But why is your little one crying when you are keeping him clean and dry? Maybe the diapers you are using are not suitable for your infant, and you might have to find the best baby diapers.

With so many choices available, even when it comes to diapers, things can seem complicated at first. It is obvious to worry when you find your infant crying inconsolably even after keeping him in comfortable clothing and bedding.

But there is still hope at the end of the tunnel; if you grasp the diaper basics, you would determine your kid’s best diaper type.

Diaper buying basics

While the other products you need to buy for your newborn is a one time investment, you cannot stop buying diapers unless your kid is potty-trained. Another thing you should keep in mind is that diaper preferences might change as your infant grows. Also, if you have another newborn in the future, their diaper requirements might vary. Again, don’t buy diapers in huge lots if you introduce a specific type of diapers to your newborn.

What are the major types of diapers available?

If you have ever gone for diaper shopping, you would know that mainly diapers are of two types, cloth diapers or disposable diapers and reusable diapers. These two types are further categorized into several types, so knowing these two only would not be enough.

Disposable diapers

These diapers are the most widely available, and you would have no trouble finding these. Disposable diapers are made from synthetic materials that you will also find in plastic wraps and bags, but it is one of the best diapers for sensitive skin. A super absorbent polymer is sandwiched between the two synthetic layers to prevent liquid from dripping over.


Often disposable diapers contain perfumes and chlorines, which end up irritating the sensitive skin of toddlers. So, you can find variants of diapers without perfume, chlorine, latex, etc. Some of these diapers are also biodegradable because they are made of renewable materials.

Reusable diapers

These diapers also go by the name of cloth diapers, and nonetheless, to say, you can use it multiple times, so these don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Fitted diapers

So these diapers look somewhat like disposable diapers, but they are reusable. Also, you would find velcro or hooks to fasten it on your infant. The diapers offer the right fit, so you can also expect minimum leakage from it. However, if you are expecting 0 spills, you would have to purchase a waterproof cover.

Pre-folded diapers

If you remember the look of the diapers your siblings wore, you would easily visualize these diapers. These diapers come in mostly rectangular shapes and are made of cotton, flannel, and even bamboo. On the contrary, diapering your infant with it might take a bit of effort and a few accessories. You would have to start with folding the diaper right so that it is a complete fit for your infant’s buttocks. To fasten it, you would need a pair of pins and snaps and then complete the process by using a waterproof cloth.

If you want the most hi-tech and convenient diapers, then pre-folded diapers would not suit your needs. However, if you wonder what diapers to buy for a newborn, you can go for this if your budget is tight.

Contoured diapers

As the name says, this diaper is designed in this way, so to hug your toddler’s bottom perfectly. Furthermore, if you are buying this, you will also have to use waterproof covers. The best thing about these cloth diapers is that you don’t need to fold it. Also, they dry pretty fast, ultimately cutting down your power bills. But there is still a possibility of a leakage when using this diaper even if it fits snugly.

Versatile diapers

The diapers come with a detachable absorbent pad that you can wash and dry to attach it again to the diaper. Your toddler would feel super comfy while wearing these as these have light elastic around the waist and even velcros to fasten it carefully. The best part is that you would not need to buy a separate waterproof cover along with this diaper because a waterproof layer is attached on top of the absorbent pad.

The all-in-one diapers are best for parents and caregivers who are just starting with diapering the infants. However, to enjoy all these ease and convenience of diapering, you need to pay the price. Also, washing and drying these diapers is time-consuming because of the multiple layers attached to it.

Pocket diapers

It is named so because of the presence of an inner lining and a pocket inside it. The ones thinking which diaper is best for toddlers if convenience is a priority, then check it out. The pocket comprises a cloth diaper wholly folded. You would find several varieties of this pocket as some may be disposable, and others may be reusable. If you go for flushable pockets, you would have to buy the pockets and attach it to the inner cloth lining.

As this diaper comes with a separate insert, you will have to wash only the pocket, and therefore it will dry fast. If you consider these diapers, you can add more layers if you are taking your infant outside and even during naptime.

Hybrid diapers

These diapers resemble somewhat like pocket diapers, except, in this case, the insert is in direct contact with your infant’s buttocks. That is why, when the insert gets soiled, you will just have to replace it with a clean one instead of changing the entire diaper.

Even though attaching the insert might seem too much hassle, it will ease the diapering process. Also, as you will only need to wash the insert, it will take less time in drying, thus saving your electricity bills.

How many diapers would your infant need on an estimate?

While you might be tempted to start hoarding diapers, it is not a good idea after all, but you can buy a month’s stock in advance. If you are yet to give birth, you can stock a few packets of best baby diapers as you will get some from the hospital during discharge. Although every newborn’s diaper requirements might vary, they would need 250 diapers on an average a month! After six months or so, their diaper requirements might drop down to 150.

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What are the things to consider before buying diapers for your newborn?

Although the mundane task of buying diapers for newborns seems like nothing, first-time parents might find to be too daunting. Because next to food, the diaper is probably the only important thing your newborn would need at all times. Therefore there are some essential factors parents should consider before going for diaper shopping:


Parents often have a preference for brands that have been manufacturing diapers for decades. Nonetheless, to say, the quality of branded diapers is questionable, and they are available in a range of shapes and sizes. But does that mean non-branded diapers are not worth buying? Branded diapers often come with a hefty price tag that not everyone would be able to afford, so it is okay to go for non-branded diapers.

But before using non-branded diapers on your child, you should check the quality of the material. If it is so, it would not be the best diapers for sensitive skin, causing rashes and severe discomfort. Also, the quality of these diapers you are buying even depends on the store you are buying.


If you are buying disposable diapers, you must take measures to check the diapers’ label. Chemicals are added in the diapers to enhance its absorbency and to give it mild fragrance. But at times, these chemicals irritate the delicate skin of newborns, causing diaper rashes, which can get messy.

Furthermore, some chemicals can even give out serious health problems like respiratory and hormonal disorders, to name a few. So before buying a big batch of a new kind of diaper, make sure to know about the side effects of the chemicals added in it.


Nonetheless, to say, scented diapers will cost you more than non-scented ones. So if you think scented diapers are worth this extra cost, then go for it. Scented diapers do a great job in masking the smell of stool and urine, so it can make parents feel great while they are diapering their child. But unfortunately, the scent of some diapers can cause allergies to the diaper area of your infant. You would also find most scented diapers smelling amazing only when it is new because when it gets soiled, it doesn’t do much to hide the smell of poop. Under such circumstances, do you think that scented diapers are worth your money? 

 To avoid your purchase from going in vain, you can research some of the best-scented diapers and make your decision accordingly.


Every parent’s priority is to ensure that their little one is wrapped in utmost warmth and comfort. And since diapers are just like pants to these tiny infants, they need to be super comfortable in it. If otherwise, then the infants can act all fussy, and you will have to struggle to make them fall asleep! Not all infants will react the same way to a particular brand and type of diapers, and therefore parents have to monitor their reaction. For instance, if you find your child tugging at their diapers, it is a clear indication of discomfort. You should immediately change the brand or the type of diaper your infant is wearing in such cases.

 Ease of use

Since you will be in charge of diapering your kid, you should consider your convenience as well. If you cannot use the diaper properly, your kid might be at discomfort all day long. When you go out for diaper shopping, you will spot some huge brands with their state-of-the-art diaper offerings. But to use those diapers, you would need accessories, and therefore changing diapers will require enormous efforts. If the diaper cannot be changed promptly when required, you should look for alternatives without wasting another moment.

Age of your infant

If you have been spending a lot of time thinking which diaper is best for toddlers, don’t forget to consider your child’s age. Kids grow pretty fast, and therefore the diapers they have been wearing when he was an infant would not fit snugly when he turns a year old. Also, if you feel that your little one has outgrown diapers, you can try out pull-ups. Also, since the same diaper size might not fit two kids of the same age, you should note down your kid’s measurements to ease the choosing process.


The more the features you get from the diapers, the more sorted you would be! For instance, most of the parents look for super-absorbent diapers as it prevents wetting of the diaper. This feature also ensures that stool and urine would not come in contact with your kid’s diaper area, so, no worries of rashes. Another must-have feature is a decent fit, as it will fit just right on your kid’s bottom without leaving any marks on the skin. Furthermore, to see that the diaper area of your newborn is not devoid of airflow, you should pick diapers made of breathable and comfy fabrics.


Although safety and comfort are essential, price is also on similar grounds. Unless your toddler becomes fully potty-trained, you will have to purchase diapers. So, a wise move would be to estimate the number of diapers your infant needs based on their pooping habits and then choose variants of diapers.

There is no one answer to the question ‘what diapers to buy for newborn‘ because it entirely depends upon your comfort and toddler. Most moms suggest using more than one kind of diapers to see what suits the newborns the best. If you are new in this, don’t hesitate to ask for help from family or get a diaper service.

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