How To Choose Best Walker For Toddler

Toddlers have a very delicate body. Their bones and muscles are tender and not strong enough to give them support while walking. They often need multiple ways and techniques to make their bones stronger. Walkers are one of the best tools for toddlers that help and provide them sufficient support and balance.

How to buy walkers for a toddler?

So, how to buy toddler walkers? There are various factors that you need to keep in mind before buying an appropriate walker for your toddler. If you are in search of one such thing, then you are on the right page. Continue reading and explore some fantastic walkers.


When it comes to a child, no parent will compromise anything above quality. As you feed your child with the highest quality of foods, it is similarly essential to give them a space in which they feel comfortable and happy. Not all walkers feel the same.

The quality is one of the significant factors that you need to take into consideration. Your toddler should have enough space in it so that they can walk comfortably. Always go for materials like plastic and steel frames. They are sturdy and provide better support compared to other materials. The seat should have good material cushions and seat backs. All cushions covers should be washable as toddlers tend to make them dirty while playing.


A toddler is the growing phase of children. They grow faster, and every part of their body goes into transformation. It is advisable to buy one size bigger walker in this particular phase than their actual size. This will ensure their comfort in the growing ages.

A comfortable walker will make your child spend quality time walking in it. Do not buy a size that is much bigger than your toddler’s. It may make their balance unstable and can cause a minor accident. Measure your child’s height and buy according to that.

Movement and Wheels

Wheels that work smoothly without any interruption is always advisable. The larger the wheels, the more smoothly it can slide. When you buy a walker, you will come across two types of wheels that provide different movements.

One is a straight wheel. This type will only allow the walker to go in forward and backward movement. The other having wheels can move 360 degrees. It provides movement in all directions.

It is advisable to buy a full movement walker so that your small pack of cuteness can twirl and swirl all around. The wheels also come with a lock if you want them to stop somewhere.


Safety always comes first in the case of toddlers and children. A safe and best toddler walker will always come with a non- skid grip and a perfect weight distribution. Safety bumpers also prevent severe accidents. The materials should be sturdy, and the base should be adequately stitched and locked. The paint should be non-toxic and the material non-hazardous for maximum safety. Before buying, check whether all the screws are tight, no rough edges are present, and no manufacturing defect is there.

Colors and Design

Children love bright and vibrant colors. And they easily get attracted to it. Multiple walkers have toys and various music instruments attached to it. Your child will enjoy more and spend more time in it, eventually elevating the learning process.


The base of the walker holds all the bodyweight of your baby. It should always be broad enough to provide comfort and give the support that your toddler needs. A broader one will also prevent them from losing their balance and falling on to something.

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Buying Guide: Walker For Toddler

Various walkers are available in the market. Each one of them has different functionalities and characteristics. You cannot buy anything and make your baby sit on it. Walkers are a great tool that helps build your child’s gait and the muscles’ development.

If your baby is not comfortable using it, it will become discouraged and might end up disliking it. Few mechanisms are essential for providing better comfort and a happening experience. Here are some of the features which are relevant to the toddler walker buying guide:

Padding and Fabric

When you put your baby in the walker, they rest their spinal cord in the back and put all the weight in it. It is very crucial to have soft padding the end and the base so that your child can rest and feel comfortable even after prolonged use. The fabric should be smooth and breathable. Applying baby powder at the bottom is a small tip to protect their sensitive skin.

Entertainment and Toys

Many walkers come with a fun console that attracts toddlers towards it. The small unit in front of the tray is a source of entertainment. This feature develops and increases the cognitive skills of your baby. It is often advisable to go for a removable console if you want to treat it as a tray to feed your toddler.


A walker with a folding mechanism is easy to carry anywhere without hassle. Parents can pack it and keep it anywhere in the luggage as it will take less space compared to a non-foldable one. You can also store in case your baby is done using it.


A sturdy walker will not trip easily even if your toddler is running with it. Before buying, check whether all the wheels are on the same level and not shaky.

Comes with an adjustable height

A toddler is such a phase in which your baby grows every single day. Having a walker that does not restrict your child’s growth, instead of rising with them, is a blessing. Keeping this factor in mind, many walker companies have built them in such a way that they will adjust according to your toddler’s height because comfort is everything when it comes to your child.

Easy to Maintain

Babies tend to make things dirty around them. They spill food, colors, and sometimes even pee in it. If you do not clean it properly, it will cause adverse effects on your baby’s sensitive skin. A good walker will come with a detachable base so that you can clean it anytime you want. Walking in a clean and fresh environment has a severe effect on your toddler’s learning and development.

Best Brand and great reviews

Nowadays, the whole buying process has become much more comfortable than before. These walkers for toddlers are readily available online at a very low-price rate. You can place your order from anywhere, and they will deliver it to your doorstep without any hassle.

  • Before buying, do not forget to correctly check the brand name, preventing any fake brands from being involved.
  • You can easily spot the best product by the rating and going through the reviews of various customers that have already bought and used the product.
  • The studies also contain photographs that provide a clear concept of how the walker will look exactly after delivery.
  • In case you are not satisfied with your product, various return and exchange policies will refund your total money within a few days.

Warranty and Price

Price is one of the significant factors that people take into consideration. You will always want your child to have the best quality of products. To get an affordable walker, all you need is a little bit of hunting through various shopping websites.

Go through the reviews that will provide you a clear image of the product. Always go for a walker that has a minimum of six months of warranty. You never know when you need to claim because children often do not know the right way to maintain products.

Tips on Using a Toddler Walker

  • Always keep your child under supervision.
  • Never force them to stay in it for a prolonged time. It can irritate them and will demotivate for further usage.
  • For delivering maximum comfort, you can use soft cushions and place them on the back. The material of the pillows should be skin-friendly.
  • Read all the instructions before using a walker.
  • Make a walker-friendly environment by blocking staircases and removing carpets and mats on the way.

Advantages of Using a Toddler Walker

Walkers are an excellent tool for the development of your toddler. It not only provides support while walking but also is a source of improving cognitive skills. The various electronic consoles attract the child and make them use it more often. Few advantages include.


Walkers will give your toddler confidence to walk around the house and explore new things every day.

Balance maintenance

Children have tender bones and muscles. They need proper support to maintain balance while walking in their initial stages. Using a walker will provide that balance and prevent the shaking of legs while walking. It will also boost your and your toddler’s confidence while running.

Promotes Eye and Hand Coordination

Toddlers do not know how to coordinate their systems while walking. A walker will let them focus on their toys and, at the same time, will help them reach it. This coordination also helps in various activities such as eating, running, and many more.

Free time for parents

Parents can leave their toddlers in it and relax for a few minutes without any fear of falling or tripping.

Provides entertainment

Various walkers come with multiple consoles that will eventually increase the cognitive skills and keep them engaged for a longer time. Toddlers love playing with buttons, music, light, and colors. Few walkers have removable console trays so that you can serve food on it to your child.

Most Frequent Questions Asked?

What is the weight limit of a toddler walker?

Usually, toddlers weigh around 11 kg to 20 kg. Check the weight limit on the product before buying it.

When to stop your toddler from using a walker?

Toddler walkers are a great way to improve your child’s cognitive skills and future development. Try to track their legs’ movement while they walk if you do not find any shakiness or instability, then it is the right time to leave them on their own.

What are the key features that should we keep in mind while buying a toddler walker?

There are various factors that you should keep in mind before buying the perfect one. Some of the critical elements include your toddler’s height, comfort, material, wheels, and sturdiness. If these criteria meet, then you are good to go.

What are the safety measures that we should follow when our children use walkers?

The first thing is to check whether your child generally behaves in the walker or not. Avoid leaving your baby alone or in a walker-friendly environment like beside a staircase or on a carpet. Also, please do not force them to stay for a more extended time. You can also put a soft cushion at the back to provide maximum comfort.

How can I clean the walker properly?

A child’s skin is susceptible and can cause rashes if the material is not cleaned correctly. Whenever you wash it, add a few drops of any antiseptic liquid and make it completely air dry before using it.

Which is the best toddler walker for wood floors?

Floors play an essential role when it comes to walkers for toddlers. Wooden floors look amazing in houses but little did you know that they can sometimes be dangerous to your toddler. But still, you need to teach your child to walk on it. Wooden floors can be a bit slippery and can be easily prone to accidents. Walkers having non-slip pads can eliminate the risk. It can act as a brake while walking on a slippery surface like a wooden floor.


It is essential to make your toddler independent and let them run while playing. The walkers provide significant support to maintaining balance and are an excellent way of exercising. The factors mentioned above will help you buy an appropriate walker that will fit your toddler perfectly.

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