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When your little one is ready for a trip to see how beautiful the world is with her parents, you need to have the best stroller to support. 

For some time, your stroller will be your child’s best friend and your helping partner. Though it seems to be a complicated decision, a buying guide can solve many of your queries. Having a strong and long-lasting stroller will be ideal, as it will be the first thing you will need when planning for a vacation. But, how to choose the right toddler stroller?

There are various kinds of strollers available in the market. It is necessary to buy the one that has all the qualities that a stroller should have. 

As new parents are not aware of the best stroller for newborns, this guide will help you to determine some points when searching for that stroller that suits your needs. 

Checkpoints before buying a stroller

As different families have different needs, you need to buy a stroller that goes hand in hand with those. 

We have jotted down all the points you will require to look for before considering buying one. So, let’s discuss the best stroller buying guide in detail.

Price for the strollers

We hate to say, but some parents will find strollers to be costly. Though we cannot deny that it is the most important thing you cannot skip. If you have enough budget to have a stroller, numerous unique features will be a great help for you. 

Some high budget strollers will have the below features: 

  • Better Suspension systems
  • Easy Adjustability
  • High-quality fabrics which will make your child feel comfortable. It is indispensable to have the right quality fabric as your newborn will spend most of its time there. 
  • Rear and front-facing changes with a modular seat. It is also a fantastic feature that perfectly holds the toddler in the right place.
  • Convertible seats to make space for two.
  • Variable color options.

As we have mentioned that there are various strollers available for diverse needs and budget, you can also go for those strollers with minimum features. Go for precisely those features which fall under your account and requirement.

You will get strollers starting from $100 to $600. So, you can look for that one stroller accordingly. 

A stroller that fits your way of living

As you are looking for your child’s best partner, you should search for the one that can live up to your living standard. This is one of the most necessary features that you must look for when searching for the best stroller for toddlers. 

If your family is city-based, your stroller usage will be more or good to mention every day. 

A suburban family will be only using the stroller for evening walks in the neighborhood or for trips like a day or two. Determine the below points before looking for a stroller: 

  • Correct availability of space at your home to store the stroller. 
  • Strollers that are flexible to move upstairs.
  • Suitable to use with transportation purposes.
  • See if one stroller will fit all your needs, or you need to buy that one-stop solution stroller, which can be useful when your toddler is a little grown-up. 

Consider the size of your family.

Another fundamental reason will be considering the size of your family. If you are proud parents of a single newborn and plan to have another kid after many years, a single stroller will work. 

But if you have already planned for another kid, then it will be a wise decision to have a stroller that can accommodate kids up to three. The convertible and double strollers with two seats and one stroller board will do. Many parents have been regretting that they have not considered this option before buying the stroller. Considering this option can prove to be money-saving for you. 

Check the correct weight for the stroller.

Some strollers can be heavier considering the weight from 10 to 30 pounds. The bulky strollers are more durable and robust. The wheels of such strollers are suitable for jogging. Though they are tough, you might find it hard to handle on transports. 

Hence, looking for a lightweight stroller can be useful and relaxing for you. One thing to remember with lightweight strollers is that they do not go well with bumpy roads. 

Folding strollers

Some strollers are easy to carry and fold. There are single-handed strollers to close. Other strollers require you to move the wheel to close them. If you see that a lot of struggle is involved in folding the stroller, it is not easy. 

There are times when we had to move out the stroller frequently from the car. It will be easy for you to have an easy folding stroller for a long journey. 

We will urge you to physically check the strollers to see if you face any challenge while closing it.

Strollers for infants

In Infant strollers, you will find it easier to accommodate young babies than six months. You may look for the strollers that are absolutely flat. A bassinet attachment will be ideal. Also, some strollers for infants have a car seat that is easy to clip.

Checking the height of the handlebar

Sometimes the handlebars on the strollers are of different measurements. It is so because various parents have various needs. Most of the parents look for high handlebars so that they are easy to push. You should select such a stroller that suits your height. If you are choosing a short handlebar, you might struggle to move it. It is better to have tested before buying to have satisfaction. 

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Having areas for storing diapers and other things

Though this is unnecessary, it will be a great help for you to have this feature in your stroller. 

There are strollers available in the market where you will find a special place to keep things for your toddler or some essential items. You cannot leave your child at home, but you need to go outside for grocery shopping. Storable pockets in the stroller will help you to carry water bottles for yourself and your newborn. The storage can be excellent for a few items and not ideal for storing more than required items as the stroller may overload. 

Variation in strollers

Above, we have presented the essential features that every stroller should have. Now, there are other strollers applicable to different situations or needs. If you are looking for that unique stroller, you might consider choosing that from the below specialties. 

Multipurpose stroller

As the name suggests, these multipurpose strollers are a one-stop solution for all your needs. It is ideal to use for daily requirements from taking a ride in the neighborhood or somewhere far. It is good to mention that such strollers can be bulky, and a little extra effort is required to push them. Multipurpose strollers have the provisions like:

  • Seat reclining
  • A place for storage
  • Holders for cups

Almost all the multipurpose strollers have such facilities. However, some strollers are multipurpose and lightweight. You will be able to alter the seat to any direction you want, and you also get the advantage of adding another seat as per requirement. They may cost a little more, but it is good to have all the features when you spend money on that unique stroller. 

 Light in weight strollers

Lightweight strollers are always the favorite among parents. These strollers are so light in weight that they are called travel strollers. Some also call it to be umbrella strollers. These strollers are incredibly efficient. It takes less effort to carry and handle for traveling purposes. If you have already used a lightweight stroller, you will know they can easily navigate narrow ways and walk in crowded places. You can easily fold them anytime. One of the remarkable facts is that you will find variety in range for this type of stroller. 

Strollers for joggers

If you love to jog and want to jog with your child, strollers for joggers are the ones for you. 

Keeping the challenges in mind while you jog, these strollers have no exception. These strollers are efficient to be used for bumpy roads and travel-friendly. 

There are some points that you will find great. 

  • The significantly built suspension system
  • Quickly absorbs the bounces that come on the road. 
  • Easy on rusty roads.
  • Matches with your intensity and speed of jogging
  • You will find three wheels that are manageable as per your needs. 
  • You also get hand brakes so that you can stop or slow down accordingly.

•   You also get hand brakes so that you can stop or slow down accordingly.

Jogging strollers can be heavy to run with due to their suspension systems. We will encourage you not to run with your infant with a jogging stroller until eight months.

Using Double Strollers

These are excellent kinds of strollers which will help you to carry twin babies at the same time. These are extremely helpful strollers as you are getting two adjustable side-by-side seats. Others like Tandem or inline or single file, which means one seat in front of the other one. 

Also, convertible strollers generally have one seat, but you can also get access to add another seat. It is better to have two car seats for infants if you are having twins.

Traveling strollers

If you have to travel a lot and look for a stroller that will be comfortable for you and your newborn, travel strollers can be your last stop. You will get a car seat with the stroller attached. 

Looking into the benefits, you will be able to use them right after birth, and you do not have to wake up your toddler to shift him from your car to a stroller. As you are buying both a car seat and stroller both, it will be a money-saving decision for you. 

You can see you will get all types of strollers per your budget and need from the above. All you have to select is the right one with the perfect price. 

Must-have accessories with the stroller

With your stroller, there come some undeniable accessories which make life easier for your toddler. 

Some of them are: 

  • A waterproof cover. 
  • A cover to protect in the cold climates
  • Attachable toys
  • Holders to keep cup and toys

Points to make sure your stroller is safe for your baby.

The whole point of buying a stroller is to ensure that you are keeping your baby safe. According to the right budget, all the strollers do have the primary safety feature, but we should still mention some of the safety features that you should look for.

Having the five points of harness for safety is the first one you should check. Though almost all the strollers do have five points of safety harness, there is still somewhere you will find three. You must check the snaps to be sure that it is secure, and the buckle is easy.

Other points to look should be:

  • Testing the brakes
  • Checking the edges and hinges
  • The flexibility of the recline


Choosing the best stroller for toddlers is not an easy job when you have plenty of options available in the market. We have covered all the necessary points in this buying guide that you must keep in mind before buying. You might get confused among so many strollers. Purchasing a stroller means you are investing a fair amount of money. So, you must look for the right one as required. 

We suggest you not rush while buying that worthy stroller if you plan to buy it for one time. Your stroller is going to be the right partner for you and your newborn, who will see this wonderful world around being in the stroller. After all, it is your child and got to choose the best for her!

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