Here are Some Essential Tips to Raise Successful Children

Almost every parent wants their children to grow up into a successful person, stay out of trouble, and do amazing things in their life. While you might find several instructions to raise a successful kid but scientifically, psychologists showed that there are some factors to predict success. Spend quality time with your child, let them make simple decisions, ask them for advice. And that will help you to make positive bonding with your children.    

Most of the child’s good development depends on having loving parents. Who has a good marriage life, and both live in the same household in a loving relationship leads your children to become a happier and successful adult life.      

Give Your Child Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration, and Kindness


We live in a world where trusting anyone can be hard. Parents sometimes become afraid that their children will spoil if they make decisions on their own. So, that children become afraid of who they want to become, to take risks, to stand up for justice. Trust needs to start with parents. When parents can trust themselves and the choices they make as a parent. Then they can trust their children to take important life steps towards independence and empowerment. 


Parents must respect their child’s decisions and individuality for their goals. Every child has different goals and they have their path to choose. It is not right to throw your goals, and decisions to your child. You can advise them on how they can set their career goals and how they could achieve their goals with their talent. It is up to you to respect your child’s effort, and they will learn to respect others as well.      


Independence depends on a foundation of both trust and respect. Children with responsibility and self-control are better prepared to face any obstacles in their adult lifetime. They have the creativity and skills to innovate. Independent children can keep up with any type of misfortune, boredom, and problems. They can keep themselves calm during their hard times. They have control when everything else is out of hand or chaotic.


Working together as a family can be called collaboration. It can occur anywhere, starting from home to the classroom. As for children, it encourages them to feel free with their parents and learns discipline faster. Back in the 20th century, rule-following was a very important skill. In that era, parents had full control. In the 21st century, domination does not work with children anymore. Telling or forcing the children to do something is not the right thing. Instead, work together with their ideas to solve issues. That will make them feel better, and they will even cooperate with you. 


It might sound weird that we treat the closest ones the most and sometimes ignore strangers, but it is the reality. We do not feel the same consideration and kindness towards strangers as we feel with our close ones. Children are very precious to their parents. Parents love their children so much, and they adore them a lot. When the parents care for their children, they take all of the care for granted. They learn gratitude and forgiveness from their parents. Also, if you help poor and other disabled people, that can inspire your children as well. They will also intend to help other non-blood-related persons. 

Have Regular Meals Together

Children who sit and have meals together with their family members will grow into a positive successful adult. These children have larger vocabularies, better grades in school, greater confidence, and build a positive friendship with others. They will be less likely to consume drinks, smoke, drugs, or any other harmful materials. 

Parents work harder to provide for the family. So, having meals together at night can become the opportunity to talk with their kids. You can ask your kids about their school, and you can share your story in the office with them. Regular meals together is a good opportunity to talk with each other and get to know rather than just having a boring meal with no talk.   

Teach Children about Positivity

Research showed that children who are confident and positive are happier in their life. But you are wondering how you could make your children more positivity for their future. Encourage your kids to be thankful for what they own. 

As a parent, you need to develop a positive attitude inside yourself. Do not complain about every issue, try to understand, and figure out solutions. Do not shout in front of your kids. It will affect your kids badly. Avoid making a huge deal over small mistakes like spilled drinks or breaking plated, etc. See the good in other peoples and appreciate it. Teach your kids to speak positive things rather than saying negative. For example, “I like to play with Walter and Jessie.” instead of “I hate to play with Jane.” Tell your kids stories of successful people and how they struggle to achieve their goals. Tell your childhood stories, mistakes, and challenges that helped you to grow. 

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Teach Them to Build Meaningful Relationships

Having a strong relationship with children is important for them for their mental growth and psychological well-being. Children who have lacking of doing relationships with others has more likely to be afraid in school, and they might have psychiatric issues. So, as a parent what you should do to teach your toddler to have a meaningful bonding with others?

Parents should respond to their children and pay attention when they are talking. If you do that, your child will become more secure and have self-esteem. Explain to your children that their feelings are acceptable and respectable when they share it. Create a friendly atmosphere for your children so that they can become more open-minded. But if your child feels hesitant when they talk to someone simply tell them to look at the color of their eyes. This way, your child can have eye contact with others and will never feel shy to talk with them.    

Praise Them Correctly

Parents should praise kids for their every little success and effort. Even for their natural abilities and their effort to complete the problem, you need to praise them well. 

  • Natural ability praise: Good work! You are so intelligent!
  • Effort praise: Great work! You have done hard work to find out the solution!  

The moral is whenever you praise your child, praise them for their hard work and effort to accomplish the result, not by their ability. Most of your child’s work rotates the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. 

If you praise children for their ability, then it will be something that has been done without doing anything and something that will not improve anything. But if you praise for their effort, it will be something that will develop their mussel of development in a successful life. 

Read to Your Kids Correctly

Reading is essential, especially when your kids are younger. If you want high successful, kids then start reading for them when they are little. There are right ways and wrong ways every parent does when they read to their kids. 

The wrong way is when you just simply read it without giving any feeling like you are in an autopilot mode of reading. If you do not give feelings of the story to your child, then they will not find interest in books. As a result, reading habits will not develop if you go on like this.  

The right way to read the book is when you make the story more engaging to your kids. While reading the story ask them what the next plot will be. Tell them to read the next part and if they are young then tell them to turn the pages. Ask them if they are in the story and what they will do. That way your child will imagine and find out different ways the character can do in the story.  

Make Sure They Get Enough Sleep

Studies showed that insufficient sleep for children might result in problems like: 

  • Do not want to focus on anything
  • The brain will not have proper function
  • Overweight issues can occur
  • Less creative
  • Emotion management problems and epic tantrums can happen. 

So, if you want to keep your kids away from these problems, then make a proper schedule for time to time sleep. Never allow device screen time two to three hours before bedtime. Because the ray from the electronics screen can affect sleeping and hamper melatonin production.

A good amount of sleep is important for you to maintain your child’s success. Regular naps can help your little one to apply a new language, rules, and life abilities. Sleep is necessary for your kid’s growth hormone and brain function. Average elementary children need 9 to 11 hours of sleep at night to keep them remember lessons they learned from the class.    

Make Them Do Chores

Sometimes we spare our kids to do household work, and then they end up not doing anything on their own. They lack the impulse of doing anything new and maintaining their workplace. To raise successful children, you need to give them two things: love and turn them into work ethic. 

To develop them as a work ethic, teach them basic household work like do the dishes, walk the dog, clean the yard and own room, teach them basic cooking lessons, and keep the things in their right place. These basic works realize that it is a part of daily life. You might be thinking it will be easier to do those work alone. But that is not the point you need to make your child dependent and teach them to do basic life lessons.     

Set Limit for Technology

Whenever it comes to the technology you need to make a strict schedule and limit its usage. For example, make a restricted schedule for watching television and only after finishing homework, holidays, or weekends you can allow kids to watch television. If your children feel bored, then encourage them to read books or play outside. If your kids read books or encyclopedias, it will increase their vocabulary, knowledge, and it will be helpful for them in the future.  

In this modern era, kids are more interested in games and stuff. They become a home potato by sitting all day playing games. You can make limitations of playing games, such as after finishing homework, doing well in the exam, doing some housework, etc. That will be helpful for your kids in their long run, and their grades will be a lot better. 

Technology has become a part of our daily life, but we should sometimes put down our device then your kids will also follow you. You can make a policy that ‘no phones in the living room’ which means there will be no device when we spend time together.    

Give your Children More Time to Play

When I say about a play, that does not mean video games. I am saying that playing outdoor games like cricket, football, basketball, etc. Research showed that playing outside for kids helps them to grow eventually. Children who played less at their young age have development issues such as physical, hormonal, emotional, social, and mental well-being. Having playful kids will become more energetic and have great academic performance. 

Playing games will help them to learn teamwork and discipline. Which will help them in their adult life. There are some indoor games like puzzle, sudoku, chess, etc. will help them with their thinking power. So, playing is essential for your kids for positive development.     


Good parenting is often challenging to make your kids confident and positive. Your ultimate goal is to make successful and independent self-responsible adults in a responsible world. We are making our children not only an ideal human being but also future humankind. We are making a positive generation, and we should be careful with the steps we take. You need to become an ideal parent for your children. With your trust, love, and respect your child will become a successful person. 

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