How To Play With 5 Months Old Baby

We know that playing with your five months old baby gives immense joy. Your baby expresses their emotions like happiness, pleasure, or sadness. This is the time when the question "how to play with a 5 months old baby" arises? Remember playing is a medium of teaching ...

How To Encourage Baby To Stand Alone

A new and memorable stage arrives in the development of the child when the baby stands alone independently. From the beginning, when the baby pulls up self to the time the baby takes the little step is a beautiful journey to witness. How to encourage the baby to stand alone without any ...

How to Give Medicine to Baby Who Refuses

If your baby is not falling for the old trick of spoon-feeding medicine saying here reaches the airplane, you need to think of other ways. How to give medicine to the baby who refuses is a matter of concern for the parents. How tricky it is, as a parent, you need to look for innovative ideas ...

How to Get a Breastfed Baby to Drink from a Bottle

Thinking about how to get your baby to drink from a bottle? Here you can get the guidelines on how you can get your baby to have milk.  Breastfed babies have a hard time taking milk from a bottle. You can not blame or force them to have that as after weeks of getting the milk fresh from a ...

How to Teach 1 Year Old Baby to Behave?

Want to know how to teach your one year old baby to behave? Follow our tips to maintain the discipline for your baby.  You may think that teaching how to behave to one year old baby sounds harsh. Discipline is often considered similar to punishment, but it is not. Punishment is a penalty ...

How to Wake Up A Newborn Baby To Breastfeed

Parenting for new parents can be a little challenging, and you may face situations where you will be unsure of things to do. How to wake up a newborn baby to breastfeed is one such challenge. Should you wake the infant to feed? Or should you let the baby sleep?  Well, if you are parenting your ...

How To Keep Baby Warm At Night Without A Swaddle

For all the parents, keeping the baby warm at night is a matter of concern. It may not be safer for your baby to be wrapped up all night as it can cause overheating or suffocation. Wrong bedding or suffocation due to a thick blanket can cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It is ...

How to Get Baby to Sleep Longer in the Morning

Are you worried about your baby waking up early in the morning? Find out about how you can make your baby sleep longer in the morning.  A Baby’s proper sleep is something that every parent wants. Sleep deprivation can lead us to get short-tempered, lack energy, and struggle to cope with ...

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